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Vansh: Are you ready riddhima?

He asked her while giving her a gun while she looked at him with blank and emotionless face.

Riddhima: Yeh jo tum mujhse karne jaa rhe ho Vansh iske baad kyaa tum khud khush reh pauge?

She asked him while he just looked at her blankly.

Vansh: Yes Riddhima, that’s why I’m giving you this gun just kill that Kabir.

Just then a voice came from behind making both of them shocked.


Riansh looked at the direction of voice and was left shocked as they saw Ragini was coming towards her with her clothes were torn, blood was oozing from her head and marks of injuries were all over her body.

Ragini: Riddhima please save me from them, they will kill me please riddhima save me.

She begged in front of Riddhima and in no time she passed out while Vansh was looking at Riddhima as if he have seen a ghost.

He without wasting a single second ran towards Ragini taking her in his arms he left the hall leaving Riddhima in tears.

He called Angrey and told him to call the doctor to VR MANSION soonest while Angrey said his most favorite words “BOSS MAIN SAB SAMBHAL LUNGA”

After sometime doctor came to VR MANSION and told them to wait outside. Vansh was standing out passing here and there in the corridor.

After few minutes doctor came outside with serious look on his face.

Doctor: NO need to worry about. But Mr. Raisinghania I want to talk to you alone.

She said while Vansh signs angrey to go. he nodded and went from there.

Doctor: Sorry, Mr. Raisinghania but I couldn’t tell you about Miss. Ragini’s condition as I want you to be alone.

Vansh: It’s okk Dr. What happened is she is not well?

Doctor: Mr. Vansh Miss. Ragini is being tortured ruthlessly even someone tried to molest her but some how she saved her self but she is weak physically and mentally too. She needs someone’s support and I will suggest you keep her environment happy and don’t made her remember the past. Now I will take your leave.

Saying so she went from there while Vansh was just standing there numb trying to digest what the doctor told him.

And in all this he forget about Riddhima. Just then he heard a gun shot which made him come to reality and he cursed himself running towards the garden.

Reaching there he saw Kabir was laying in his own pool of blood while riddhima was in her knees with expressionless face and gun in her hand.

Vansh ran towards her and took her in his arms while she broke down in his arms and cried cried hard looking at Kabir’s body.

Riddhima: Look at him Vansh I killed him. I proved my love for you. I killed my first love for my second and last love. Look I’m a murderer. My hands are colored with his red blood. IM A MURDERER!!!

She shouted and laughed like a mad girl and passed out in his arms. Vansh looked at her unconscious body and then at Kabir’s dead body as few tears rolled down from his eyes.

To be continued…..



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