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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani says this land will make you a real queen. A old servant comes and says bahu rani thank you for getting our job back. Rani is scared. But Vijya headphones on. Rani says thank God. She says they’re all useless. Rani says i didn’t know you like all this. She says sooraj got me these. Show me that land now. Rani shows her map of the land.

Rajmata and veer do the pooja. Rajmata says so much preparations are left. Veer says rani will do it don’t worry. Veer says dad had to go to dehli. Rajmata calls Rani. Rani shuts the call. Rani says this land will make you a queen. Vijya says this will burn Rajeshwari. She will be so jealous. Rani says you’re right. Veer keeps calling Rani. He says where is she? Rani says I’ve to go fast. Sooraj says I won’t let you go. I have a party with my friends. You should stay. Rani says I have to go. He says no You have to stay. Rani says I have to study. Sooraj grasps her hand and says why do you forget I don’t like to listen a no. Rani says leave my hand. I will never come here again.

Sooraj says I am sorry. Vijay says if he is asking you to stay please do. I can talk to your warden. Rani says what to do now. I told Rajmata I’ll do all the preps. Vijya says give me the number. Rani says I’ll handle. Sooraj says so you’ll stay right? We will drink and party. Veer calls preet and says where is Rani? She’s not picking the call. Preet texts rani veer called and I lied you left from college, speak to him.

Scene 2
Nandini cooks. Champa says so the food is ready? Clean the plates well and put a candle here. We want the ambiance. Nandini brings candle. Champa says go eat in the kitchen. Jai comes. Champa hugs him. Nandini cries. Champa says serve us the food first. Nandini serves the food and spills it on Champa, champa shouts you ruined my saree. Nandini says it’s my saree, champ says your saree, home and husband all are mine now. Jai says shut up you both.

Scene 3
Veer calls Rani and says are you okay? You weren’t picking my call. Rani says I went to the market to get some things. He says I’m in market too. Which shop are you on? Rani says I just left. Rani says I’m going home. Can you get motichur laddu? He says where will I find them? Rani says he will be busy now. What should I do now?

Sooraj says how do I look ma? She says rockstar. He says did you give radhika the saree? She says yes. He says I can’t wait to see her.

Scene 4
Veer says where is Rani? Rani says I’m here fixing the arti. She says in heart I came here on time. Now I have to go there too. Rani says I forgot candles? He says what did you get from the market then? She says don’t be mad. He says I’m not. Rani says let me get it.

Sooraj knocks on the door and sats Radhika ji come out. Shanti says it takes time to get ready. He says are you okay Radhika ji? He tries to break the door. Rani opens the door and he falls. He says I’m fine. Rani says doesn’t look like it. He looks at Rani anf says music is playing in my heart. Rani says in heart verr is waiting there. I have to leave.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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