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Kuch pal to thehar jaao na

Ya phir laut ke aao na

Yoon kehte nahi alvida

Mud jaao idhar aao na ♡


Ek aesa jaadu hua tha

Mein usmein kho gaya

Aur Shayad vo mujhmein

Wapas aya toh pata chala 

Mein uske liya na tha vo meri liye na thi.

Hum dono to ek dusre ke liye the hi nahi

Bina ek ke dusra 

Aur dusre ke bina ek.

Ye khani kuch 2 saal purani, 

Ranjha aur heer ki jagah 

Riddhima aur Vansh ki kahani ✧*。




On a hilly station on a hilly terrain a boy sitting on one of the rock among the thousands by a river, trying to flow with the small waves passing through his half hand inside the water mending his broken heart.He was in delima was he not a good son!? Was he not needed some love and concern form himself, he didn’t get what he wanted and what he get, that was the biggest fear of his soul inside!?


He was 7 his mother left her alone at the time when he needed someone the most, his father being a single parent make his admission in a boarding school, a 7 year kid being in a boarding! and when he completed his studies, made his way back to home his father left him.


Is life so selfish!?


Why our likes and dislikes doesn’t matter!?




‘Are u okay!?’


‘Yes I am ‘


‘But it’s bleeding’


‘Sometimes it alright to bleed!:’


Taking out his handkerchief he wrap it around her wrist to stop the bleeding, and exclaimed ‘Thank u!’ 


‘Mention not’ she said with a bright smile.

‘Dont be so lost in this world or someone will like this bug will cut the hope within u.’


He smiled listening her words and nodded!:


Riddhima being a social interpreter forward her hand and said with a forever wala smile.




‘Vansh Rai Singhania’


She gave him a toothy smile and asked him.




‘Will u listen something!?’


He nodded at his lonliless and smiled at his stars.


Mixing the words of smoothness and roughness she took her heart in her hand and let the broken pieces flew away by the wind passing through the road as she was healing her inner pieces of mind and heart!


Till the last peice flew and he smiled at her silence she took a deep breath and let it go.

The words!


Kitne the waade kiye

Ik pal mein tod diye

Jhootha nahi tu mujhko pata hai

Bas thoda rootha sa hai

Tu roothe main manaau

Par tum bin kahan jaaun

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise

Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin♡


Tume mana kar diya tha mere dil ko

Fir kyu aj aesi apne dil ko tode ho

Jod lo voh dil ab jo kisi aur ka na raha

Mere bina ab jeena seekh lo tum.

Jana toh kabhi na tha 

Par ab jab jaa chuke h toh 

jeena na h ab tum bin.~♪


Vansh looked the other side and there was no one, just a rose under a emotionless book!;


Bin tum!

Jeena nahi sikha tha 

Tum bin,

Laga na tha aj hum 

sath na honge 

Bas re gayegi toh kuch yaadein

Jo hum kabhi bana na paye.

Shayad mein tumhare layak 

he na tha jo tumhe tod ke 

Khud ko jodne chala ho..




A/N:- idk what happened to me but I just typed a poem of school in hindi and I am just trying tha here.


This song was requested by RiAnshxRraHelxRuhi

(Ur username! it took 10 minutes to wrote the correct one 🔪)


How was it!?



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