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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in market flaunting her chain asking vegetable vendor for 3kg apple groud. Vibhu and TMT behind book stall. Teeka says yo them look at her chain its expensive. Tillu says it must be ig 2 lakh. Malkhan says we will enjoy for atleast 2 months. Vibhu says if you try to steal her chain I won’t leave you, she give you food love you a lot and you a planning against her. Tillu says that chain is bought by Tiwari’s black money. Teeka says to Vibhhu you failed in your exam you cannot work with us. Vibhu says I was joking. Teeka says okay then go and snatch that chain. Vibhu says to himself if I need to bring this boys on track I have to take this step, bhabhiji your lover is coming to snatch your chain.
Angoori says to pack 2 kg potato too. Vibhu wear mask and says I am sorry, Angoori asks why, Vibhu says give me your chain, Angoori asks are you a thief, what you want, Vibhu says give me chain, Angoori says why are you holding knife so far, Vibhu says it might hurt you, Angoori gives him chain and starts crying leaves. Vibhu says oh I made her upset but I am helpless.

Manohar, massaging Happu, Happu says Manohar you have lost the touch, Manohar says because you haven’t promoted me, Happu says its because of lazy Reshampal, let me be comissioner then see, Tiwari walks in, and says tell me why you wear this uniform for bribes, Manohar says why are you insulting him, Tiwari says there is robbery in town and look at him, my wife’s chain was stolen, Happu says why wear expensive chains out, Gupta walks in asking for update for his stolen bag, Happu says we will catch them, give us time, Comissioner walks in and asks whats wrong, Happu says these are useless people who come here for timepass, Tiwari and Gupta tell them about their robbery and other robbery in city, comissioner asks whete are all these complaints, Manohar tells Comissioner, Happu didn’t write them and shh them away. Commissioner scolds Happu and says you will be punished and says I will deduct 5000₹ from your salary for every robbery now.

Angoori in kitchen, cursing the thief, Vibhu hides and listening, Vibhu walks to Angoori and says kill the thief if you want but don’t curse him for his love, Angoori says why are you crying I am cursing the thief, Vibhu says what if I was the thief, Angoori says why would it be you, if I find him I will slap him, Vibhu keeps his cheek forward and says come hit, Angoori says why are you calling yourself culprit, Vibhu says I see you restless and I will punish the thief, Angoori says why are you restless about it, Vibhu says you restless so I am restless, Angoori says I wish I had Jackie Chan with me, we both wouldn’t be restless then and leaves crying.
Saxena walks to Vibhu and says I will refresh your mood and asks if Jackie Chan was Jackie Shroff’s son he would be named Jackie Shroff, Vibhu slaps Saxena. Saxena asks for one more slap. Vibhu says this guy is insane.

Tiwari visits Anu, Anu says sorry I have one cup of coffee, Tiwari says we can share it, Anu says you will have my coffee, Tiwari says sure what is the problem, Anu says I have problem if someone other than Vibhu wants to share my coffee, Tiwari says one day you were eating sandwich and you went inside when you had call and then I ate the sandwich. Anu asks why are you here, Tiwari tells about Angoori’s chain stolen. Anu asks what were you doing, Tiwari says Amma had asked me not to go with Angoori, it was asked by Pandit Rampal that I give Angoori a gold chain and she goes Market alone. Anu says oh god why does Amma listen to Pandit Rampal, and why drag Angoori into it, and what if she would get kidnapped, I swear I would throw Pandit Rampal in jail.

TMT drinking, Teeka says its good to have company to steal, Malkan says if we get caught, Tilu says when we are in team we can cover eachother, Vibhu walks to them and says forget all the past between us we are one team now, Teeka says we don’t believe you, Tilu says show us something big, Vibhu says what should I steal a bank, Malkan says good idea, Vibhu gets call from David he puts on speaker, because his phone isnt working properly. David asks Vibhu how is he doing, Vibhu says it must be late in London why call me now, David says my 1 kg gold policy will be mature now, and I will get 1 kg gold. Vibhu gets up and goes aside will call later, David says I am coming tomorrow, Vibhu says its not safe here, David says Kanpur is always safe for me and disconnect call. Tilu says to Vibhu, if he wants to be stolen why you stopping him, Vibhu says he is my uncle, TMT say its okay start from your house and rob him.

Angoori tells Amaji on call that her chain got stolen, Amaji says good, and now repeat again, Angoori says okay. Angoori tells Tiwari she is restless because of robbery and Amaji has asked her to do it again, Tiwari says show them this knife if they try to steal you next time, its for your safety, Angoori says I can’t use it but, Tiwari pulls her close and says let me teach you. Tiwari says now I will act as thief and try to steal your chain, Angoori and Tiwari acting, Vibhu hears Angoori call for help, he sees Tiwari showing her knife.

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