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Os -2

Hmmmm… Umm…. Hiiiiiiin! Hope you all remember me!

Let’s start!



A/N:- Here Kabir loves ridhima, but ridhima loves vansh, they all were friends!

Living in Shimla!




A scene shows, ridhima and vansh throwing snow at each other And playing with snow! And at last vansh grabs her waist and they fall on cold ice! They were enjoying and laughing wholeheartedly!


A pair of eyes was angry, seeing them together!




Vansh and ridhima were sitting with hand in hand! Watching over the snow!


Vansh:- really ridhima, I never could have thought of a better or the best gift from God in my life except you!

You really changed me, yrr!


Ridhima:- hmm…! Some people come in your life either because they have the ability to change your life or you have the ability to change the other!


And you know! I would have changed but the memories, we created together will always be with me!



Ridhima :- vansh should I ask you something??


Vansh:- yes, sweetheart!


Ridhima:- ummm….. Don’t get worried but this thought has hovered me! And am really not getting good vibes!


Vansh:- go on!


Ridhima:- vansh, pkka n “we have time right”?


Vansh:- we will plan aur marriage together, will bring up our children together and will go on a world tour!

But why this topic?


Ridhima:- such a shameless man you are! Planned so much! (Smacked his arm and Laughing)



Vansh:- of course! After…… (Cutting him)


Ridhima:-afterall I am the great business tycoon Vansh Raisinghania!


Vansh:- got me, sweet heart!!!


They laugh then ridhima goes back home saying, she has to talk about them to her parents!

Vansh was sitting all alone on the edge of the vast ground, yes they were sitting near a snow -cladded cliff .

Ridhima went to her home leaving vansh in deep thoughts!


Vansh was sitting there all alone sitting and playing with snow maybe trying to divert his mind or thinking about something deeply!


Vansh pov,

You went to talk your parents, little you don’t know that Kabir also loves you and I can’t betray him and I am his friend and actually all we all three are friends . but how will i tell him that you have fallen for me not for him.


Wait who patted my shoulder!

Pov ends!


Vansh stands and turns back and sees Kabir with pale and teary face!


Vansh:- what happened!?


Kabir:- why are you asking!?


Vansh understood!

Vansh-: ok… I will tell you.. But please let’s go and sit and talk!


Kabir:-(loud voice) I want to talk here only!


Vansh:- fine!

Kabir:- why you did that?


Vansh:- telling the truth when it happened I also don’t know .but it is the truth that she doesn’t loves you but me and you can’t change that fact!


Vansh tries to make him understand!


But Kabir was enraged!

Kabir:- first you hid this matter for me. secondly you are giving explanation!?


I thought you as my best friend ,

you just betrayed me?


Vansh:- it’s not call betrayal it’s called love and it’s not my fault that she loved me!


Kabir:- fine !

Saying he gave a slight push to vansh, somehow he stablized himself!

Vansh:- are you mad?

Kabir:- yes, behind her and was the one in your friendship!


Vansh tries to hug him to console! But Kabir pushes him, little knowing his this action can cost his life! And a shriek!!



Kabir was shocked!!!

One more shriek was heard

Kabir:- vansssshhhhhhhhhh!



A voice came from behind!


“WhaT happened to him”


Kabir turned around and saw her!

Kabir:- ridhima?


Ridhima:- hmmm… You know my parents agreed for my and vansh’s relationship? But where is he…. He told he will here for me?

And why you shouted his name?


No response!


-“where is he”


No response?

-“why you both were here…… (Realizing) . No.. No… No….”



Ridhima:- why…. Kabir…. Why….?

Meri khushi dekhi nhi gyi!? Kyu Kabir?

We.. Hm dono apni zindagi ke baare mei soch rhe theee…. Kyu???????

She jerked him!


( Why Kabir why?

Didn’t my happiness was suiting you?

We .. We were going to start our new life!

Why Kabir? )


He was standing numb and she was crying at last she… Ran back to there house!



(Yes , here ridhima vansh and Kabir lived at a separate place with there parents permission as they were best buddies… Used to go to their house often to meet their parents)



She just ran to KRV ‘s villa… And she pounced on the bed crying… Kabir too ran behind her !


He entered and saw her lying down on bed and crying!

Mummering ” I hate you Kabir.. I hate you”



When he couldn’t handle he stood up from the couch with a hot lump in his throat and told :-

It was purely accidentally. Even he was my friend also but I never intended to do anything like that!


Ridhima recovered herself and saw him standing in front of her

” so what…what happened that you pushed him”


” I am telling you it was purely accidental…

Actually I saw you and him together confessing your love .you love him but I love you and he also loved you .. Is that true, that you had fallen for him?

Answer me that after wards!


We were having a normal argument upon you and that argument in heated up and in rage I accidentally pushed him slightly…but because of heave snow fall…he couldn’t balance and he fell off…

Believe me yrr! Even he was my friend …. I…. (He started scribbling his hands through his hairs and bursts out crying!) ”




” You loved me? But i didn’t! ”


” That only.. That only if i have beared that truth If only I would have… He would be here… ”



Days passed offf….

Ridhima didn’t went to meet her parents.. Nor used to even give a glance to Kabir! Just used to lie over the bed watching the ceiling or crying remembering there memories or used to see their pics!


Kabir used to think that we will overcome this sorrow and she may accept him!

But his wait didn’t beared fruits!



One day, Kabir went to the same place where they lost their best friend, ridhima’s fiancee and what more to count what he was to them!


He sat down on the same place from where vansh has stood up.

After few moments he got up but saw something below the bed of snow, something of blackish color.

He bent and took it in hands and at once recognised it as vansh’s wallet!


He opened it,

And saw vansh and ridhima’s pic along with other essentials!


He saw the pic carefully for few minutes, a lone tear escaped his eyes and then he along with his wallet went back to KRV’s Villa.


And saw ridhima on bed watching her and vansh’s pic, crying.


He snatched or can say forcefully took their pics from the bed. She tried to resist and snatch them back from him but failed.

He along with the pics and wallet hurriedly sat in his car and drove back to the same cliff.

With ridhima following him from behind on another car,with worry and confusion!


He stopped his car on the road and moved towards the same point, same cliff.


Ridhima came and stopped and followed him from behind!

After reaching the point!


Kabir sees ridhima !

In a little loud voice, ;

Kabir:- I snatched your love, in accidental process.

But today I will repay my mistake. Forgive me if you can. And don’t keep me in your bad memories and keep our, mine yours and vansh’s memories alive!

Complete your goals and we will think even we completed!

Often when you used to be out somewhere leaving me and vansh at home .

We used discuss about all this, what if we die, what something happens to you, with all possibilities. But never thought those thoughts will even come true!

Believe me vansh and I used to say , if ever we di… (Cutting him)


Ridhima :- shut up(crying)

Kabir:- nah… Listen!

If ever we die, we will have last wish and that would be you will not cry remincing us and may God give us the pleasure to be with you again in our next Births.

Remember i and vansh loved you, till our last breaths!


He threw all the photos in the air near the cliff. Some fell down the cliff, some remained intact with the snow!


He threw vansh’s wallet to her and took back steps towards the deadend!


And jumped offf with extended arms shouting “WE LOVED YOU RÄ°DHÄ°MA”

And remincing their moments!


~~One scene showed~~

Vansh , Kabir , ridhima together on a night walk!

Ridhima:- isn’t it something, great?,


Both hmmmed, to let her continue!

Ridhima:- that we three are together from college. I feel complete with both of you. I wish we could remain together like this, forever. promise me you won’t leave me alone ever in life!?



Kabir:- we promise!


Vansh:- I promise but sometime all promises do not get fulfilled and I don’t think forever is a word!


Ridhima:-(chuckles) fine then we will die together!


Kabir and vansh:- shut up!

Ridhima:- areee!


Kabir:- what Aree?

Vansh:-(smacking her arms )

Stupid if you were also die with us then who will write a book?


Ridhima:- which book?


Vansh:- meet me:: most stupid person!


He said and ran always along with Kabir and hi fied!


Ridhima:- (in a loud voice) that’s not fair. You always tease me! (Pouts)


Kabir:- (in a loud voice) because we love doing that!


Vansh:- (in a loud voice) yeahhhh!




Ridhima :- wait both of you…




She ran behind themmmm.

And that night walk changes into a playful moment.


Scene ends!



Ridhima saw him falling off !

With moist eyes and choking voice “You both left me, broke your promise”




She opens a purse and finds a letter it was old letter maybe when they had passed college!


We promise you that we will never leave you but that doesn’t works in everyone’s life .what if we give you forever ,there should be something with you that would remind you of US. this letter is being written by me and Kabir together . When you went back to your bed and he decided to write a letter for you. complete your dreams .If ever we leave you don’t hate us for that. We loved you, will always remain the same the way we were .just remember us ,dont forget us and please don’t shed tears for us, please! One more thing to try to write a book on as I am sure you will succeed in that too but please don’t make it emotional and I am sure you reading this letter alone I know we are not with you, sorry !

R’s ,




By the time she finished it! She was almost crying!


She kept his wallet in her pocket and took baby steps towards their home!


As she entered ,

Her pov,

Left me! watching me from above? are you happy without me? I certainly cannot come to you because of your promises but believe me if ever I’ll get a chance I’ll not leave it .I would love to get a tour of heaven!

I came back to this house, i certainly cannot call it KRV’s villa! Because R’s VK are not with her!

Only a lonely villa, without you both! In a flick of days i lost my buddies!


Bhulana toh chahenge, pr bhula nhi payenge.

( I will try to forget, but I know I will not be able to do that)


Pov ends!



With all these thoughts in her mind, she drifted to sleep.

Moonlight entering and glowing on he face, but on face with pain, loneliness, deeply lost .




Probably my second os?

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What about my ff!

I will be awaiting your wonderful response on this is and suggestions about my ff, then I will post that too.


Till then drop your views.


Some friendships are forever! But with trust!



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