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Imlie 14th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

He seeing Imlie lighting a temple lamp says she told its a lamp of trust, that means she still trusts him. She says trust is broken and even hobby will, he has old hobby of loving Malini and hence she will leave him. He says he loves only her and remembers being with her last. She asks if Malini was looking like her that she went to her, he has done so much last night and should remember her only in his memories as she can’t continue relationship with him and there is no other go than breaking this bond. He says their love is not a threat that can be broken, he will find some way out and she should trust him. She says he repeatedly breaks her trust and walks away while he continues pleading her. Malini walks to him next. He says he couldn’t say her sorry properly, he just remembers that he was with Imlie last night and don’t know how this happened. She says their relationship is based on friendship and friends don’t leave each other, he trusts her. He says Imlie doesn’t, he has to do something that neither she nor Imlie is hurt. She thinks she knows he will choose her and Imlie will be out of the house permanently, her dream will come true once she finishes her last task.

Malini with Anu burns Imlie’s sari in garden. Dev stops his car near by to chat with his client. Malini noticing him informs Anu. Anu nervously tries to set off fire. Malini walks to Adi. Adi asks what are they doing here. She says she needs to get something from car. Dev says something is burning. Anu taunts his servant daughter’s heart is burning. Dev says he needs to get something from car. Malini says he should meet Imlie first and takes him along. Anu hides half burnt sari in car to burn it in her house. Malini takes Dev to Imlie. Dev tells them that everything changes, but not blood relationship; they can’t deny that he is their father and they are sisters, so they shouldn’t change their relationship for 1 person; he knows whatever happened last night and feels they both shouldn’t stay with Adi.

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