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Shakti 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat looking at the chair where Heer was seated and killed. He reminisces her words and recalls asking her not to go. He says I am sorry Heer, I came in my family members’ talk and says I wish I would have trusted you, else you would be alive today. He looks at his hand and recalls filling sindoor in her hairline. Tu hi mera khuda plays……He cries and shouts Heer. Harman, Soumya and Virat’s family members looks on. Police also looks on. Harman makes Virat get up and hugs him to pacify him. He asks him to handle himself and says we are with you. Virat says everything is finished for me, wife is dead, family is over and everything over now. He says I am all alone, Harman Singh. I have become an orphan now, and has no reason to life. Soumya says you are not orphan and not alone, we are with you. She says wherever Heer is, she is watching you and asks him to learn to live. Harman tells Virat that he will stay with them as their son now. DIG asks the Inspector to take them. Parmeet snatches gun from Inspector and shouts calling Soumya, accusing her of snatching Virat. She shoots at Soumya. Virat pushes Soumya and takes the bullet on his chest. He falls down on the chair. Inspector takes gun from Parmeet’s hand. Virat says life is strange, you have given me birth and today you took my life. He says now I will pray to God, that you shall get my life. He closes his eyes. Everyone gets shocked. Parmeet shouts Virat. Harman and Soumya ask him to open his eyes. Harman asks for the ambulance. Parmeet says I want to go to my son. Sant Baksh says let me meet my son. DIG says you will be charged with his murder too. Harman says nothing will happen to him. They rush him to the hospital.

Doctor comes out and tells that they have taken the bullet, but needs to be taken care of. He asks where is his family? Harman says we are his family. Doctor says he will be shifted to ward, you can meet him if you want. Soumya thanks Mata Rani and says if anything had happened to Virat, then we couldn’t bear. Harman asks Soumya not to cry and says I will go home, everyone must be worried. Soumya says ok.

Chintu comes home drinking wine and says cheers. Preeto and Harak Singh are still standing holding the diya. Veeran tells Chintu that you are so drunk and couldn’t stand, and wants to celebrate. He says if you drink so much, then you will die. Chintu says my enemies shall die. He says my enemies are dead, laughs and says I am celebrating for this. He says Heer’s mourning haven’t ended, two more deaths have happened in the house, he says RIP Harman Singh, RIP Soumya Singh. He says my condolences to the family.

Harak Singh asks him to be quiet and stop talking nonsense. Preeto keeps diya on Harak Singh’s hand and goes to Chintu. He says you are drunk and will say anything, and we will believe you. She asks him not to take advantage of being their grand son. Chintu says I told you, not to think of me as chota recharge, I am grown up and today I have done big thing. He says I got Harman and Soumya killed with DSP Sant Baksh’s hand. Harak Singh, Preeto, Veeran, Simran are shocked. Chintu says when my father was killed, nobody gave the statement. He says now also, nobody will give statement. He says neither I could send Soumya to jail nor you can send me to jail. He says I got my father’s body, but you will not get trace of Harman and Soumya. Preeto raises hand to slap him and sees Harman coming there. They get surprised. Chintu asks why did you stop? I have killed Harman and Soumya and has taken revenge for my father’s death. H says will do last thing, will throw all of you out of the house. Harman comes near Chintu and hits him. Chintu falls down. He gets up shocked seeing Harman.

Soumya sits at Virat’s bedside. Virat gains consciousness. Soumya says Doctor said that you are out of danger and will soon recover. Virat asks why did you save me? What is the use to live when Heer is not with me. Soumya says Heer was important part of our lives and we are trying to live without her, and now you have to learn too. He says you will stay with us and I will try that you can forget the pain of Heer’s loss. She says we have to become each other’s shakti in this troubled times. Doctor comes there and asks how is he feeling? Virat looks on. Doctor says DIG saheb is outside and said that Virat’s family want to meet him before taken to the PS. Virat asks Doctor to send them back and says I have no relation with them. Soumya says they are your family and asks him to meet them. Virat says this is my punishment for them, they will yearn to see my face all their lives. He says I don’t want to meet them. Doctor comes out and tells that Virat refused to meet them. Parmeet gets angry and says this is done by Soumya. She stopped Virat from meeting us. Sant Baksh gets angry too. Parmeet shouts and says what do you think that jail can stop us, I will return and will not leave your family. Sant Baksh says Soumya and Harman, you haven’t done right by snatching our son. Soumya and Virat hear them.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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