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Bigg Boss OTT 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 38 8 AM
Everyone wakes up dancing on dance basanti. Divya dances with Raqesh.

9 AM
Neha sleeps on the couch with Pratik. She says I don’t get it. Pratik says what? She says what happened. He says don’t think so much. She says I am not talking about you. I am not feeling anything. I have lost a feeling. Neha says I want you to think about it. He says you took it in the wrong way. She says okay. Pratik says no. Neha says I told you how I felt. I felt foolish. He says I said what I felt. Neha says it has changed something inside me.

9:15 AM
Neha says I made a true friendship with Pratik. Having fun, running around, there’s both comfort and discomfort. Our friendship and love are strong then we will come out of it.

Divya tells Nishant Neha and Pratik fought a lot yesterday. He says on what? She says I don’t know. He says so they will play for own self now? Divya laughs. Nishant says Neha hasn’t played alone.

Neha says I am still angry at you. Pratik says you will always stay angry. Shamita says what happened? Pratik says I don’t get the point. Neha says you always want to be right. The day you get over this right and wrong and see other people’s points of view. He says I have a different point of view. I have owned up to what I have done.

11:30 AM
Bigg Boss says since you all are in the finale week, you all are nominated to be out of the house. The audience can start voting for you. Pratik hugs Neha. Pratik hugs Nishant. He says there will be a mid-week elimination.

4:45 AM
Everyone comes to the hall. The glass opens. There are people outside.

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