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The Episode starts with Tejo recalling the principal’s words and making the questions. Fateh recalls Tejo’s words. Jasmin comes and shows the cake. He says wow, it looks lovely, we will celebrate with wine. She asks wine? He says it will be fun, French time, its first glass, bottoms up. He throws the wine in the vase. She drinks. He says one more. Tejo looks at the clock and works. Jasmin asks what are you doing, its enough. He says last one. She drinks and says please last. She sleeps. He calls her out… Jassu we got our Canada visa and checks. He lifts her and makes her sleep on the bed. Fateh gets coffee for Tejo. She takes it and thanks him. He asks how much time more. She says 4-5 hours more. He says exams will start at 9am, I will see the printing, hurry up. He goes and calls. He says Navjot, I want your help, come to the office. Navjot says its impossible to make so many photocopies, I will call the staff. Fateh says no, its confidential, you and I have to do this. He calls Tejo and asks is it done. She says yes. He says mail it to me. Power goes off. Navjot says light won’t come for 2-3 hours. Tejo sees the time, 5am. She cries and goes to the temple. She says Mata Rani, I never asked you anything, my life has many problems, I didn’t say anything, its not about me today, its about those thousands of students, who aren’t at fault, don’t punish them for someone’s doing, do something.

Its morning, the students are in the college. Tejo sees the time, 8am. The students get seated in the exam hall. The guy says I will finish the paper in half and hour and go. Jasmin comes. Sweety asks why did you come, we don’t have an exam. Jasmin says I leaked the paper on internet, we have to see the result, Tejo will get insulted, it will be fun. She sees Tejo coming and jokes. She says come, we will have fun. The papers are distributed to the students. Jasmin says Tejo will get insulted now. Tejo asks the principal to stop the exams. The lady says the exam has started, we got confirmation calls from the colleges, relax, didn’t your husband tell you, the question paper is changed. Some students get shocked seeing the new paper.

Fateh comes. The lady says you both have done it, I m really impressed, especially with Mr. Virk. Fateh smiles. FB shows Fateh saying keep the machine ready, I will do something. The light comes. Navjot thanks Lord. They start printing. FB ends. Tejo looks at him. The lady says you make a great team together, sorry Tejo, I told a lot in anger. Tejo says its okay. Fateh says Tejo is a honest and dedicated teacher, she can never think of leaking the paper. Sweety says Jasmin, I think your plan failed. Jasmin asks what nonsense. Sweety says come with me, look there.

Jasmin hears the students. The guy says they changed the paper, why did they fool us. The other guy says chill, prepare for the next paper. Fateh says file the complaint in the cyber cell, I m sure whoever did this will be caught. The lady says I promise, I will file the complaint. Jasmin says I did this by much hard work and….

Tejo and Fateh come out. She thanks him. She says don’t know what would have happened if you weren’t there, you saved me from falling in everyone’s sight, you didn’t let my sincerity and commitment for my profession get ruined, thanks. He says you did a lot for me, no need to thank, you said our relation isn’t of friends, can we become friends again. She says no, maybe we are fine like this, I know you are a good person, whatever you did for me, you would have done for a stranger also, its better that we stay strangers, one more thing, will you do another work, don’t tell anything to Jasmin, I don’t want any more drama in the house.

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