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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Samaira comes to Kuldeep. She says move aside. I need to talk to Phirki. Kuldeep says how can you talk to someone fainted? Samaira says she’s doing a drama. I know how to wake her up. Move aside. Samaira says Phirki get up.. You thought you can turn me in. They scared you and you were gonna take my name? Phirki says the police is after me.. What if I don’t listen to you. Samaira says I get you to the jail anyway. I will save myself. Just act insane. Kuldeep says get up and go to police station. Phirki says police why? Kuldeep says it’s proved you murdered Narain? Phirki says Narain died? When did I come here from Mumbai. How? Samaira says Phirki sit here let me call the doctor.

Harsh comes in. Kuldeep says why are you here? He says my friend called. samaira says this Phirki is acting insane. Harsh says she looks insane. THere are a lot of insanes here who call a heart attack a murder. Kuldeep says Phirki confessed that she murdered and she will confess who made her do it. Harsh says she’s insane. She needs a doctor. We need to send her to mental asylum. Phirki acts crazy and says I murdered. Harsh says get her medicine and good sleep. THis is inspector Tamay. He’s helping us. Samaira says they are saying Phirki killed Narain. She’s mentally unstable. He says there’s no case. She’s insane and they’re forcing her to confess fake. Samaira says Kuldeep transferred 1 lac in her account. Kuldeep says I didn’t do that. It’s my company account and you handle it. Inspector says it’s in your name. Harsh says he might have paid her to confess. Harsh and Samaira go.

Scene 2
Phirki says where am I stuck. My dreams on one side and Samaira on the other. WHat should I do? Kuldeep comes. Phirki acts insane.. She says I killed.. Kuldeep shows her normal video to her. He says I recorded you sane. Don’t move now. If Samaira loves me and can trap me imagine what can she do to you. Who are you to her? She will trap you forever. You have one last chance to save yourself and turn her in. Phirki says how can I turn her in? He says Sam transferred 1 lac from my account to you. I know she paid this to you to stay silent. You should ask for more money. Tell her you will tell the police. If you’re hiding such a big secret ask her for house, car and more money. Phirki says yes such secret can’t be hidden for so less. Kuldeep says call her.

Phirki calls samaira. She says didi I thought a lot. 1 lac is too less. I want 5 lacs and give me Mumbai house. I will stay here. I won’t stay in servant quarter I will stay in guest house. Samaira says should I give you all my wealth. Phirki says how much is it? Samaira says how dare you demand from me. You’re threatening me? I can tell everyone and Shubhra that you murdered her dad. You will either go to police station or mental asylum. Decide where do you want to go. Phirki is scared. Kuldeep says she’s not scared of anything. You are gone. You have nothing against her.

Phirki says please save me.. Please. I don’t want to go to jail or mental asylum. Please. Kuldeep says you’ve only one way. Confess to the police. Phirki says the police will arrest me. Kuldeep says Samaira won’t get to you there. You won’t get an electric shock there. If you are innocent, you will get out eventually but if you’re part of the sin you will get jailed. Phirki says I am innocent. I didn’t do the murder. Kuldeep says who did it? Phirki says sam. Kuldeep throttles her and says so Samaira killed Shubhra’s father? Phirki says don’t throttle me. Go and throttle Samaira. Kuldeep says how did she? Phirki says I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have helped her. She asked me one day to go to Shubhra’s dad’s house as a maid. I didn’t know her plan. I kept doing what she said. One day she came to the house as the maid. Phirki tells her how Samaira gave the medicine to Narain and Madhura. Madhura fainted and Narain got a cardiac arrest. Kuldeep sits down in shock. Kuldeep says just because of me, to get me, baba lost his life. Phirki says if Samaira finds out she will kill me. What did I tell him. She says I will lock myself. I won’t come in front of Samaira. please save me. She will kill me. Phirki locks herself.

Scene 3
Shubhra gives breakfast to the kids. Anand comes with Vedika. Shubhra says come I have made breakfast. Vedika is upset. Rishi says come eat. She goes inside. Shubhra asks Anand to come in. Shubhra asks is all okay? Vedika looks upset. Anand says that’s what I want to talk about. Shubhra asks kids to go and play with Vedika. He says she’s become stubborn. She wants to go to mama. She keeps talking about Sameera. I can’t send her to that woman. She compares food, shopping everything with Samaira. Mama would get me this. Like mama is everything and I am nothing. Shee her school project. There’s mama everywhere. Shubhra says she is a kid. She misses her mom. You’re a perfect dad but you can’t be a mom. Daughters need their mothers. A mother is a daughter’s best friend. You can’t keep her away from her mom. Anand says Sameera is not worth being called mom. I don’t know what to do. She wants to go to Sameera over the weekend. When I said no she said papa you don’t love me.

Episode ends.

Precap-Samaira says you can shout and cry.. You had only one witness and that’s your dad. But he’s dead. He’s gone up. He can’t say anything nor his ghost. Kuldeep says I can send you to him. Samaira says I can shoot you in self defence. I have videos of you being violent. She puts a gun on him.

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