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The Episode starts with Neelam asking Virender to accept the truth, and you shall understand that Lakshmi is Rishi’s shield. He doesn’t love Lakshmi. Virender says but Lakshmi loves Rishi and this is the big thing. He says we can’t ignore this fact, we have to accept this. He says she is his shield as she is his wife. He says lie and betrayal don’t stand for long. Neelam says if this relation breaks then my son’s life is in danger, and if this relation is there, then our son is saved. She says let Rishi have relation with her, not love. Rishi tells Malishka that Lakshmi has made me wear this ring, and takes it off. Lakshmi senses something bad about to happen. Rishi shows the ring to Malishka and looks at it. He then throws the ring on the floor. Malishka smiles. Lakshmi closes the eyes, and reverse rounds and other rituals are shown. She gets worried. Rishi says I have broken marriage with Lakshmi, there is no sign of marriage left now. Lakshmi holds her mangalsutra. Rishi says I am only yours, Malishka. I love you and ended everything for you. He says my relation is finished with Lakshmi. Malishka smiles. She looks at the snake behind Rishi and asks him to look back. Rishi looks at the snake. Malishka asks him to leave from there. Rishi picks a stone and tries to hit the snake. The stone falls on the other side. Rishi lifts another stone/pebble and makes a failed attempt to hit the snake. He picks another stone and is about to hit the snake, when the snake bites him. Rishi falls down holding his hand.

Virender asks Neelam if she don’t think? Neelam says I told what I feel and says you shall decide what you want to think. Dadi asks Virender to leave it. Virender says I have been doing this since years. Dadi says everyone has to bear their destiny. He asks where is Lakshmi? Malishka tries to call Rishi and calls at landline. Lakshmi picks the call. Malishka says there is a snake in the garden, and Rishi is alone there. She asks her to save him. Lakshmi gets shocked and drops the receiver. Neelam asks what happened? Lakshmi says snake and runs out. They all come out. Ayush makes the snake falls down. Neelam hits the snake repeatedly with a rod and kills it. Lakshmi holds Rishi. Rishi says I can’t open my eyes. Lakshmi asks him to look at her. Rishi’s hands is turning blue. Neelam asks Virender to call doctor. Rishi faints. Lakshmi finds the ring there and picks it. Rishi gains consciousness and asks for water. Ayush brings water. Lakshmi says snake has bitten him, don’t know if water shall be drank or not. Neelam says he is thirsty. Virender calls Doctor. Doctor hears Neelam and says don’t give him water. Neelam says why is he thirsty. Doctor says he will be thirsty after snake bite, but don’t give him water. Neelam shows Rishi’s state to doctor and asks for help. Doctor says bring him to the hospital at the earliest. He says he has the chance to get paralyzed and says risk starts after 30 mins. He asks if anyone has seen the snake. Neelam shows the snake’s dead body. Doctor sees the snake dead body and says it is very poisonous. He says you don’t have even 30 mins, bring him to the hospital fast. Neelam says how we will bring him soon. Ayush says ambulance is coming in 10 mins. Doctor says someone shall suck the poison, without swallowing it, else it will be risky for that person too. She says it shall be done by the expert. Lakshmi cries and hugs Rishi. She asks if she is feeling much pain. Rishi nods his head. Rishi recalls telling Neelam that he can’t stay with Lakshmi, and feels as if he is cheating Malishka. Neelam says you knows what Pandit ji had told, if you break relation with her, then can’t get saved. Fb ends.

Lakshmi says we have to stop the poison from spreading in the body. She tears her pallu and ties on his hand.

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