In love with you (ATBA FF) – Part 14 – Telly Updates

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How are you ? Hope the things are going in a good way. Once again I am back  with the next part of my story and  you all will enjoy. So let’s see to it….

So we have seen in the last Veer decides not to cook as the food it will not taste good.

Now it happens..

Rani – so Mr Rajawat what you thought about cooking?
Veer- I was thinking that I should not cook
Rani – why why why you should not cook
Veer – haha cooking suits to girls
Rani – till I know you I know that  you do not believe in gender inequality.
Veer – it’s not like that never
Rani – I know you can’t cook loser
Veer- hey you it’s not like that you can’t cook so you think that I can’t cook
Rani – I challenge you to make dinner tonight
Veer- ok

Next day ..
It’s an awesome day with the new beginning and today something new is going to happen our Veer is going to  cook for his wife.

In the kitchen…

Veer was trying to cook a good dish for Rani and was trying very hard.

Here Rani entered….
Rani –  oh I see  that somebody is trying to cook you know  it’s a bit hard.
Veer – but I can .

Veer cooks …
His cheeks have some flour .
Rani laughs seeing it.
Veer asks her what happened to her.

Rani – So cute . Ha ha.
Veer – I won’t leave you .

Rani runs .
Veer runs behind her.
He catches her .
He applies the flour on her cheek with his cheek .
Rani kisses him .
Veer hugs him .
The flour comes on Veer’s shirt .
Veer lifts her up .
He makes her sit on sofa.


Kiara was in the kitchen .
Vikram comes from behind.
He hugs her .

Kiara – Leave me . Someone will come .
Vikram –  So what
Kiara – Leave me please
Vikram – No . You are my wife . I’m your husband.  We can romance.
Kiara – Yes but personally ,in our room .
Vikram  kisses her .

Rajeshwari enters and coughs.  They get away . Kiara says

‘ Vikram ! Common go to your court . Leave fast . ‘

Precap –  Rani tastes the food . Veer looks at  her . Kiara and vikram have a romantic phone call.

Hiii everyone …

Happy Diwali …. Enjoy your day

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