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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

In this episode Rama requested Guruji to someone who lead them a way to save Bhim Rao. Guruji told them about a man. Ramji agreed to meet him. Anand was sent home to look after the family.

Joshi with a British officer planned to kill Bhim Rao. He officer agreed to kill and dump the body in front of his house. Joshi was excited to watch.

The officer came to the man asking to work for them. The man refused. He wanted to work for his country and attain freedom. The British officer cursed him and left. Bhim Rao praised the man for his bravery. He was enduring all the pain for a noble cause. The man said that their world would become a better place once the invaders leave. Bhim Rao agreed but somewhat objectified as his world would never change. Bhim Rao’s oppressors were the nationals of this land. The man questioned Bhim Rao’s caste. Bhim Rao informed him, said that they were never given the right to own the land for which they were asking freedom.

Guruji took them to the man. Ramji asked him to help him regarding his son’s situation, since they belong to the lower caste. The man asked them to leave because of their lower caste. Rama informed that her husband was a literate. The man inquired. He was familiar with the name Bhim Rao, acknowledged him as the first lower caste to pass 10th standard. He asked Ramji to wait for him inside. he asked Rama to help him clean his hand. Whilst Rama poured water on his hand, he asked her to perform a task in order to save Bhim Rao.

Phuliya questioned Mangesh about Bhim Rao. Mangesh was worried, informed her about corpse found outside the locality. Phuilya considered Bhim Rao stubborn and mulish, yet she disapproved of his situation. Hitesh questioned, he wanted Bhim Rao to be dealt with. Phuliya went inside.

Mangesh went to Hitesh, warned him not to talk negative about Bhim Rao. Hitesh didn’t know Mangesh, he would beat him. Hitesh threated Mangesh was going after a woman. It was hard for Mangesh to help a woman in this society.

Rama thought about the man’s advice. She left the house in middle of the night; decided to do anything for her husband.
Rama’s siblings realized Rama’s absence, woke everyone. Meera called the men. Jijabai asked them to find her. Ramji assumed that she might have gone to Dailya amma. Meera saw empty cupboard, supposed if she left the house. Anand called Daliya amma. Jijabai was tired of searching. Everyone came downstairs. Phuliya and Daliya amma were concerned and worried about Rama. They predicted that she might have run away, like before. They didn’t know how and where to find her.

Rama sat somewhere in the dark.

Puranjan concluded that she might have gone to the man since he stopped Rama to help him wash his hand. Ramji agreed and went to the man. Anand and Manges searched the nearby areas. Hitesh and other people left for sleep.

Bhim Rao recalled the last moments of the dying man.

Rama took some white clothes out of her bag.

Ramji knocked at the man’s door, asked him about Rama. The man questioned if she took her clothes. Puranjan informed him about the open cupboard. Rama has gone to save Bhim Rao, they must go as well to help her. Ramji questioned. Rama has left to participate in a freedom protest.

Rama was wearing white, had her face covered. She joined the group of people protesting or freedom. As planned when the police will arrive, she would purposely get caught.

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