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Recap: Team Maudi wins Kabaddi. Muksesh and Sheela insult Sirat aka Naira , Kartik gets angry and blurts the truth . Maudi collapses in shock

Episode starts

Naira: Kartikk…what have you done?

Just then Akhil’s phone rings. Its Gayu

Akhil: Gayu?

Gayu: Sirat regained consciousness..she has guys come soon

He gets happy and walks to the crowd

Akhil: Naira….you can get back to Naira as original Sirat is back

Kartik: Chachu you mean? Sirat…

Rohan: Sirat recovered from coma?

Akhil nods. All get happy. Sheela and Mukesh are confused

Kartik: Lets go home then, we will take Maudi too and tell her everything on the way. Rohan you too come with us

Coach: Ill handle these fools you guys leave

Everyone leave for Goenka Villa.

Goenka Villa

Rhea is having Akshu and she is muttering to her

Rhea: Your mom…she has recovered spoiling all my plan. Your dad he went away days ago and  is now coming back for her..I thought of getting him….now your dad will get the shock of his life when he gets back as you will be lost.

Saying this she takes Akshu to the garden not knowing that she actually awaits a shock of her life.

The scene shifts to Car. 

Maudi regains consciousness. She is confused as the words of Kartik ring in her ears.

Maudi: Where are you taking us?

Rohan: Maudi..Ill tell you.please listen

He tells everything to her

Naira: We didn’t mean to cheat you but we didn’t want anyone hurt you or Sirat thats why so sorry 

Maudi: Your name may be fake but you you took care of me like my grand daughter, doing this much to a stranger and asking sorry is not right beta..I must thank you 

Kartik: Please Amma don’t embarrass us. Now Sirat is normal. We will have to find Ranveer and punish the murderers

Rohan: Sorry Maudi I never told you that Sirat went into coma but pretended that she is recovering in hospital but was searching for Naira ji….Im sorry

Maudi: Nah nah chora dont say so

The car stops at the gates of Goenka Villa. Maudi is made to get down. Rhea is there and her eyes bulge to see Naira get down with Kartik. But before she could process it the family rushes out. Surekha and Swarna are terrified. Manish is angry while Dadi is weeping 

Naira: What happened? she….

Manish: She is fine is checking her Gayu , Keerthi and Naksh are there with her but..

Kartik: But what papa?

Swarna: Woh..Akshu….

Kartik: Akshu? What happened to my beti?

Dadi: She is missing Kittu…

Surekha: She was in her cradle when I went to get her milk but now….

Kartik and Naira are shocked 

Maudi: What happened who is Akshu?

Kartik: Rohan take Amma to Sirat..Naira come lets search for our daughter 

Rhea is confused by all this and is shocked on hearing that Naira is healthy but Sirat is the one in coma. Yet she smirks seeing their concern for Akshu

Rhea in mind: What a fool was I? These people fooled me…actually Kartik’s wife was away she was never in coma..thats why he never looked at me..but whats so special in her? Now Ill watch drama of their guys shocked me I terrified you…

Kartik runs to the streets to search for Akshu despite his leg paining like hell.While Akshu is sleeping peacefully on the grass ground..hearing the shouts of her name she wakes up and starts to crawl towards an aluminium tin. She starts to bang it. Naira hears the sound and rushes there to find her daughter banging the tin. She gets emotional 

Naira: Akshuuuuuu……

Hearing Naira shout everyone come there

Kartik: Naira what happened to Akshu

She points at Akshu and everyone is surprised to see her there. Before they could go to her Akshu starts crawling towards them. Everyone is excited to see that

Dadi: Akshu is crawling….

Kairav: Wow muma..Akshu is ….

Kartik’s eyes widen with surprise and emotions

Naira leaps forward to her daughter as she comes towards her Kartik too goes on his knees. Naira takes her into her embrace

Naira: My baby girl is crawling…thankfully I didn’t miss this moment Kartik. 

Kartik: Haan…if Sirat hadn’t recovered now we would not have seen this moment of our daughter today

Naira: I left you for a few weeks and you have grown so much that you crawl? I missed you my baby

She showers her with kisses. Kartik joins them.

Dadi: Then double celebration for Sirat’s recovery and our princess’s payal function

Kartik: But Ranveer..we have to

Rohan runs to them

Rohan: Sirat..sirat recognised Maudi..she remembers everything…but she is a bit confused and is blabbering Ranveer’s name

Kartik: Then once doctor gives nod we have to question her about the happenings

Rohan: But as dadi ji said a  celebration must take place you guys have did so much for us we cannot rob this sweet family moment from you. 

Kartik: Rohan…

Rohan: Kartik ji…finding Ranveer is important but your sacrifice for these many days needs a valediction, Naira left her family for us and now there is a happy occasion let’s celebrate it..Sirat too will feel better and at the same time Ill hunt for Ranveer based on what she reveals

Naksh comes there

Naksh: Why are you doing it? We will do it together 

Rohan: Even after her recovery how can we burden you?

Kartik: We have taken responsibility and will not leave in the middle. Got it? Now lets get inside 

Rhea is happy that everyone forgot her in the other matters. But her shock and irritation remain.

Kaira Room

Sirat is made to sit. Rohan explains her everything and introduces Kaira to her

Sirat: Ji…Thank you…for…

Naira: Not yet Sirat ..atleast not until we find your Ranveer

Kartik: Yes exactly 

Sirat: Phir bhi..Naira ji you did all that for me? Challenged Mukesh? Faced his taunts

Naira: Rohan told me that you are a babbar sherni…if you are that then Im also a sherni so no worries. On that note will you be my friend ?

Sirat smiles and nods. 

Rohan: Sherni and babbar sherni as friends..oh my god

Naira and Sirat in unison: Shut up 

Everyone laugh

Kartik: Ab bechara mendak kya karega?

Naira : Tar..tar…tar

She protrudes her tongue and makes a cute face. All get happy 

Kartik: Sirat…if you remember can you say what happened that day when you got hurt?

Sirat nods but Doctor comes there

Doctor: Mr.Goenka we need to perform certain tests for Sirat to assess her recovery. After that you can talk to her.

Akhil: Should we take her to the hospital now?

Doctor: Yes Mr.Goenka

Naksh: Ill get the car we will go

Sirat is helped by Rohan and Naira and she gets into the car

Naksh: You guys stay Ill take her

Rohan: Ill come too

They leave with Sirat. Everyone walk inside. Kartik pulls Naira closer as soon as everyone disappear from their sight

Naira: Kartik….what are you doing?

Kartik: What..Im romancing

Naira: You are can stand this long. Come inside 

Kartik: Naira yaar..after these many days you are home …and I cant express my happiness 

Naira: Woh chodo Kartik..our daughter has started to crawl…

Thats when the incident comes to their mind. Kaira in unison: How did she get out from the cradle?

Kartik: Naira..we didn’t think of it

Naira: Par Kartik chachi saw her in the cradle but we saw her here…who would have?

Kartik: Dont worry Ill check the cctv footage..tum parishan mat ho Ill take care of everything, finding Ranveer solving issues everything. You have struggled a lot so you will rest from now

He lifts her in his arms

Naira: Kartik you are hurt

He makes a quick wink gesturing that its nothing. The scene freezes on Kaira.

Precap: Shocking Revelations 

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