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Episode 6

Sirat: kya hua hai meri bacchi ko? Bhagawan ji please keep my daughter safe.

Kartik: don’t lose hope sirat. She strong like her mumma. So stay strong.

Aru (crying): I am responsible for all this mess. I am so sorry everyone. Because of me only akshu is showing hatred towards everyone. Am so sorry abhi sorry sorry jiju. I won’t be in anyone’s life here after. I am going far from you all so that akshu’s hatred towards everyone will reduce and she will be there with you all. With that she left without waiting for anyone to speak.

Abhi: aru stop. Just stop aru. Don’t you dare to do anything nonsense. I can sense what are you going through. I promise I will make everything fine before my engagement. Now just stop aru. Saying all this while chasing her along with kairav, parth and neel.
Without thinking a moment aru slitted her wrist and the blood starts ooze down. She faints due to weakness and loss of blood. Neel carry her immediately and admits her in ICU. And starts to treat her.
In emergency room,
Anand and harsh came out and said,
Anand: she is fine now but she should not take any kind of stress or tension. If she get a panic attack one more time then her life will be in danger.

Naitik: thanks Anand.

Harsh: by the way where are the Birla brothers and kairav and Aarohi is also not there. Where are they?
Anand and harsh see Kartik and sirat shattered and ask them to say something.

Vansh: uncle aru blamed herself for akshu’s condition and attempted suicide in front of them. They were chasing her then only it happen uncle.

Anand: how is she now? Is she fine?

Vansh: don’t know uncle. The come only we will know.

Varsha shaurya anshu and jasmeet came.

Sirat: maamu and mami?? She started to cry heavily.

Shaurya and anshu console her.

Anshu: sirat don’t cry beta. Nothing will happen to akshu. Be strong.

Shaurya: haan sirat he is right. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to akshu.

Sirat: whom should I worry maamu?? Akshu or aru??

Varsha: aru?? What happened to her sirat??

Kartik: she was blaming herself for akshu’s condition and attempted suicide and she is now in critical condition.

All four: what???

Naksh: Yes maamu. They are telling you the truth.

Parth came out and said: thank god aunty. Aru is fine and got conscious. Nothing to worry. The wound is not deep.

All: thank god.

Anshu: Kartik and sirat you both go and meet her.

Sirat: no maamu. Kairav should go to see aru first. Kairav go and meet aru.

Kairav: jee mumma. With that he went in.

Aru: bhaiya…

Kairav: just shut up aru. Don’t talk to me. You know that everyone are worried about akshu. Now you have also done like this. Do you think everyone will be happy with out you. Already for the past 4 years they lost akshu. Do you want them to lose you too. Why you daughters are so selfish. Do you know akshu is safe now.

Aru: bhaiya I am so sorry for not thinking about you all. I am so selfish that I tried to suicide because of akshu’s hatred towards me. I didn’t think about anything else other than that. I am so sorry bhaiya.

Abhi: excuse me. May I come in??

Kairav: Yes. Abhi why are you asking and all. You could have come right.

Abhi: it’s not like that kairav bhaiya you both were having your siblings moments so not to disturb only I knocked. By the way Aarohi. Don’t call yourself as a doctor. Is this what a doctor do? You are akshu’s sister right. Then why can’t you just see her pain. She went through a lot in this 4 years. Now she met with an deadly accident and she didn’t recover from it full. And she is recovering. Give her some time to recover and we will speak with her. Like I promise I will make akshu and you together before our marriage. Understand???

Aru: I am so sorry both of you.

Both: it’s ok.

Precap: what will happen next??

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