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Nisha walks un and asks where is Genda, Varun says she is showering, Nisha says couldn’t you open door then, Varun says I was listening to songs, Nisha says here’s food for Genda, Varun asks did you eat, Nisha says yes, okay will go get medicine for her, Varun says not needed I got her medicines and closes door. Nisha says there is something really fishy, I will find the truth anyways

Genda’s car tyre gets punctured. Genda says God I am already late. Driver says there is Dhaba here you can go freshen up. Genda makes Varun a call, Varun asks did she reach, Genda says I am fine but tyre just go punctured and are you managing there, Varun says yes, Genda says okay don’t worry, just 24 hrs and I will be back with signatures and no one can take our shop back, Varun says I know you are working hard, I love you, Genda says I love you too bye.

Genda on her way to Dhaba is stopped by two men.
Siddhant in his office says I never loose.
Varun from his room window checks outside and tries calling Genda but she doesn’t receive call.
Genda gets kidnapped.
Nisha knocks Varun’s room door, Varun opens the door, Nisha walks in and asks how is Genda, Varun says fine, Nisha insists on meeting Genda, Varun says she has viral you can’t see her. Nisha says cmon move aside and walks in. Varun has arranged Pillows to look like Genda. Nisha walks to bed and about to remove blanket, Varun spills water on her saree and says sorry I slipped, now go change come and pushes her out of room. Nisha gets suspicious, and says if Genda isnt here where is she.

Varun starts calling Genda. Genda’s phone rings in her bag and she is tied upto a chair and is unconscious. Varun gets worried for Genda, keeps calling her and says its already difficult here and she is not answering too. Varun tries calling driver, he switches off his phone. Varun gets more worried and says I hope she isn’t in any difficulty.

Two men on call with doctor say she is still unconscious and will call when she wakes up and leaves. Genda gains her consious and gets scared seeing herself tied up, she remembers the two men kidnapped her by making her smell chloroform, Genda tries to get out of chair, her phone starts ringing, but she can’t pick it and prays to Maharaji to help her.
Genda slowly drags her chair and tries to pick scissor from tray, the two men walk in.
Siddhant is informed by driver that as per his instructions he was confusing Genda but she left to freshen up and didn’t return, Siddhant scolds him, and says if you don’t find her, you will die too. Siddhant thinking what is Genda’s next move and asks secretary to find Genda’s number from register to track Genda.

Genda acts as if she is still unconscious, the men discuss they will call doctor says if she doesn’t wake up in an hour and leave. Genda confused, she removes the knife she had stolen and starts cutting the rope, she cuts her hand by mistake, but manages to cut rope and decides to call Varun, her phone starts ringing, she manages to pick it up and says I have been kidnapped Varun , and they are saying something about doctor and I am sure Siddhant is behind it, the two men slap her, Genda looses consious. Siddhant on call hears everything.

Siddhant makes a call to urgently trace Genda’s number. Varun finds Genda’s phone is switched off and says first driver and now Genda, I have to go Mathura, Genda needs me but Papa. Nisha again starts knocking door. Nisha tells him Papaji has called you and Genda and leaves.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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