In love with you (ATBA FF) – Part 17 – Telly Updates

Hello everyone.. Hope everything is going well. Here I am back . Actually Gurunanak Jayanti was there so I was busy there. But now I am back.

Padmini – So how you and Rani were married
Veer – I think you know that .
Padmini – Beta actually she doesn’t have sense
Veer – What the hell
Padmini – whenever She is with you. She kiss you in front of everyone. She always sits near you . Keeps her hand on your chest . It doesn’t looks good . See I know its cool but we are from the past generation so this is not good for us .
Veer gets angry .

Veer – Mom is also from your generation. She is not awkward on that . And that’s our matter . She likes me so she is being close to me . That’s not a big deal.
Padmini moves on.

Rani comes with coffee .

Veer – What was that
Rani – Sorry
Veer – half an hour for making coffe . Seriously
Rani – Sorry na. Rani kiss him.
Veer hugs her.

At night
Veer comes to his Room . Rani throws a cushion on him .

Veer – What are you doing
Rani – What I am supposed to do
Veer – Rani . What happened
Rani – Nothing.
Veer – Why are you angry
Rani again throws a cushion on him .

Precap – Veer and Rani have a romantic moment. Vikram romances Kiara in front of Padmini .

Hi guys that’s a bit for now. So let me know your reviews either positive or negative. So hope its going well.

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