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Quick recap: Vansh said to Riddhima that he has an amazing idea to make her escape from here. Let’s see what is it, now!

“Seriously this?” asked a surprised Riddhima, seeing the thing lying on the floor.

“Yeah! This… didn’t you like this idea?”

“How could you even think that I would fit in this suitcase?”

“I saw a television series. And the female lead easily got fit in a suitcase. You know what, she was around the same height as yours!”

“That’s insane!”

“Okay, just try fitting in this”

“Urgh! Fine” said Riddhima, having no choice. And lied down in the suitcase having no hope to get fit. But, to her surprise, she exactly got fit!

“See, it seems like this suitcase was made just for you!”

“Can you shut up?”

“Mind your language. I am helping you!”

“I know! I know. How much you are helping yourself to get rid of me!”

“Acha, sorry Jhansi ki Rani! But, I genuinely feel you can get rid of this cage by this suitcase only!”

“Hope so!”

“By the way, did you inform your friend? K-Kerala or something?”

“It’s Kiara!!”

“Yeah. Same only”

“Get ready to escape. And, I am making a small hole in it. So that you will be comfortable! And don’t worry, it will be just a matter of a few minutes. After crossing the main gate, you can come out.”

“Acha, listen, will it not get late as it is already 8 pm? I told you, don’t go to art gallery!”

“Yesterday I didn’t go! Just for you! So, please!”

“Okay! Okay!”


“Lord Ganesha! Please save me, today!”

“Everything will be fine. Keep hope”

Now, they both were ready. Were they really?


“Where are you going?” One of the guard said stopping him, just the way he did in morning too.

“To my friend’s home”

“Open your car’s trunk”

“But, why sir?” Asked Vansh perplexed.

“No arguments” the guard said raising his palm.

“Open this suitcase!”

“Sir, I am already getting late. There’s nothing in my suitcase, just my belongings!”

“Wait, why this suitcase when you are going to your friend’s home?”

“He lives out of station” Vansh replied with a suppressed smile.

“Fine. Leave”

Vansh quickly moved from there.

“Finally!! I will be away from this cage!” Riddhima said excitedly.


After 2 minutes of driving:

“Vansh, don’t you think the car behind us is following us?”

“Arrey! They must be going the same way. Why be so pessimistic?”

“Okay. I just felt so”

“Vansh, I’m saying! They are following us!”

“Now, I also feel so”

“Didn’t I say? Wait, Kiara’s home is from the left and you took the right turn”

“We should not go to Kiara’s home now. They will catch us if we go back”

“Right, we should first reach away from their sight then, we can go anywhere”


Riddhima was constantly seeing the rearview mirror.

“Why are they still behind us????”
“Vansh, not this way”

“Don’t disturb me while driving! We just have to get away from their sight and that’s why I am trying to divert their gaze.”


“I am already tensed! Please!”

“First, listen to me!”

“See, they aren’t following us! Finally, bach gaye

“We call it ‘fasna’ you know?”


“It’s my home. Raichand mansion! See at front!”

“What? You should have told me before”

“I tried! But, you! You didn’t listen! You had to reach a safe place? Nothing can be more safe than this!? Enjoy here!”


“Riddhima, my daughter, you are finally here!” Her father came running as if his long lost wish got fulfilled.

Riddhima unwantedly hugged him and then, went to hug her mom. It wasn’t her mistake, she really wanted her happiness.

“So, he was the one with whom you ran” her father said, analysing Vansh from tip to toe.

“No no uncle! There’s nothing so!”

“Don’t lie! I am happy that my daughter finally found her love! It’s okay that he is not my choice. But, now I can’t even do anything”

“Riddhima, say something!” Vansh murmured with pleading eyes to Riddhima only to receive a death glare.

“What to say? You only made us reach this safe place….right?”

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