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The Episode starts with Aarav asking Simar, if I shall say something. She nods her head. He says after she left, he don’t feel hungry or thirsty, don’t have any feeling, have become numb. He says I want to do work, but your thought doesn’t go away from my mind. He coughs. Simar makes him have water and asks if he is fine. Aarav says I didn’t sleep since many days, I want to sleep for sometime. He rests his head on her lap. Samar plays the guitar and sings song. Simar and Aarav are on the terrace. She pats on his shoulder and prays to Mata Rani, to bring his peace back and says I can’t see him in trouble. She recalls Badi Maa’s words and takes back her hands. Reema says Aarav and Simar are both guilty of me, one tried to break my marriage and other gave me a sign which is printed on my mind forever. Just then the phone battery of Vivaan’s phone switches on. Reema thinks this much gun powder is enough. Aarav wakes up hearing the cat sound. Simar says I thought someone came. He says he got a peaceful sleep for 5 mins. He takes the dupatta from the rope and covers on their heads. Mahiya song plays…..Aarav says time is disloyal to him, and says whole life can be live in one moment, tells that he hopes she stays with him forever. Simar recalls about Badi Maa’s words and takes off the dupatta from their heads. Simar says I am not a thief, and tells that go with the flow is easy, but it makes the relation complicated. She says if our relation is hidden, then it is wrong. He asks what are you saying? She asks him to say, who is she to him, and why is he meeting her secretly.

Aditi asks Sandhya, seriously you let bhai go today. Sandhya says I let him go just today, as I couldn’t see his restlessness. She says his call is not reachable, and says if Badi Maa comes to know then what storm she will bring. Aditi asks her to try Aarav’s number again. Reema comes to Avinash and Indu’s house and says I want to talk to you something important else I wouldn’t have come. She says Aarav haven’t returned home since evening. Indu asks what we can do, if he didn’t come. Reema says, but today is karwachauth and Oswals thought. Indu says you people are thinking that Simar and Aarav are celebrating Karwachauth here. She asks her to go to PS and asks her to enquire with his friends, and asks her not to come there for Aarav. She says Simar told clearly to Gitanjali Devi, that she has forgotten her relation with Aarav. She says she trusts Simar more than herself and will not bear to insult her pride and respect. She tells Avinash, if she is wrong. Reema says even I trust Simar and wants to tell in my sasural that they are not together. She says even I will get the courage if I meet Simar once. Avinash says I don’t think that I shall clarify Reema. Reema says the matter is about my sasural, let me meet her once. Avinash says I will take her to her room. Reema says not room, terrace. She says it is karwachauth and says both of them might be there. Indu says I will see, who will win, your doubt or my trust. Reema says let check once. She says the time will say, who will enjoy and who will be punished. She says my one attack will be heavy for you, just wait and watch.

Aarav says there are some relations, which have no name, but can be just felt. She says it is very late now, you shall leave from here. Aarav says it is late, but we have distance between us together and says how can I go, if you say like this. Simar says such talks look good in films and not in real life. She says we have no identity of my relation. Aarav asks if there is nothing between us. Simar asks him to tell the name and says the relations which have no name, becomes stranger. He asks if I am stranger for you. Simar says I want to know, who am I, why am I in your life with what relation? She says I want to know? Aarav says I…Just then they hear the footsteps. Reema is coming there with Indu and Avinash. Simar says it seems someone is coming here. Reema opens the terrace door and gets inside. Simar and Aarav are hiding behind the blanket. Indu asks did you get clarity now? Reema says you are thinking me wrong and thinks don’t know where did they go? Avinash says Simar is not like that. Simar and Aarav hears them. Avinash says Simar can’t do anything wrong. Reema says Papa, you don’t know anything, and says I have seen, and thinks the video recording is my blockbuster game and thinks first she will expose them, and then will show their recording to everyone. She says the clothes must be dried, I will bring them down. Aarav and Simar are hanging on the pipe. He says if we are caught then I will tell that I came to meet you forcibly. Simar says we will face the problem together. She prays to Mata Rani to save Aarav. Reema pulls the bedsheet and couldn’t see anyone. Samar comes there, pretending to talk to Simar. He says we had gone out to malai milk and asks did you try? Reema asks why she didn’t return with you. Samar says she shall be in CID. He says her slipper broke, I asked her to sit there and came here to get her slipper. Reema says you left her alone on the road, and says I will come with you and see her and her slipper. Samar asks her to come.

Indu asks Reema to come with her. Samar recalls seeing Simar with someone (Aarav) and that’s why saved her. He says I will leave. Aarav and Simar come to the terrace. Aarav says Reema might be upto something. Simar says Reema di can’t be wrong always and says if Maa and Papa have seen us together then they would have broken. Aarav says if I haven’t met you, then I would be broken. She asks him to leave, and says we have no name for our relation. He asks why did you get concerned for me, when I coughed etc. Simar gives him promise and asks him to leave from there. She opens the terrace door to go out. Aarav says he will do as she says. Indu asks Reema to think as Simar’s sister and not as Oswal’s bahu. She says she always thought about you, but you are accusing her. She says my daughter will not give the test, I am with her and says whoever don’t trust her, shall not come here. Avinash says even I am with you. Indu says you came in Reema’s talks for a moment. Reema says I have Simar. Indu says enough and says she will not bear the stain on Simar and asks her to leave, and tell her badi maa, not to send anyone here.

Samar thinks who was with her on the terrace. He thinks she helped him and now he helped her. He thinks to ask her, who was there with her. Sandhya talks to Aarav. Aarav says he is still there and is leaving. Sandhya asks about Simar. Aarav says she is same. Sandhya asks him to come home fast. Reema thinks sanskari Simar will ruin your self respect and walks away from there.

Precap: Reema shows the video of Aarav and Simar to Badi Maa. Badi Maa gets upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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