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Nima Denzongpa 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sia gives her salary to Nima and says you waited your whole life for this right? Nima says enough, I know you are heartbroken but can’t you see anything? Don’t love me if you don’t want to but I am your Ayi so respect me. You can say anything what’s in your heart and end it. Sia says this is not the first time you made me go away from my love. My first love was my father, you didn’t get your love so you made us go away from our loves? Mania asks her to stop it. Nima cries and says if you people think that I made you go away from your father then I am sorry. She tells Sia that how can you forget that it was my mistake to get married like that, I don’t want my daughters to repeat that mistake. I understand your pain. Sia says I met Shiv’s wife today, I am so hurt. Nima says you have known Shiv for 1 month but I had known your father for years. I married him, left everything for him, got his daughters but then I saw him marrying another woman, have more kids and then I had to live in front of him for my whole life. How can you think that I want you to make your career for your salary? I was happy that you got the salary just for your future, I don’t need your money. Sia says can’t love and career is made together? Nima says yes but love makes you different. Think about Shiv, you said something to him but he didn’t give you a chance and got married? You also stopped living your life. I said all those things for your own benefit, I know you got hurt so I am sorry. I will wait for you. She leaves from there. Sia looks on.


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