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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishnakant asking Pritam to come. He asks Naveen to sit quiet and listen to them. Naveen thinks. He asks are you from police. Pritam says he is a police inspector, I know him, I came to help your dad who knows Sakhuja family. Nitin says promise me, you won’t take drugs again. Naveen says yes. Pritam says his dad will handle him now. Krishnakant says yes, I won’t let him go towards the drugs. Nitin says tell me the names of the drug dealers. Naveen says I don’t know anyone. Pritam says tell him, I convinced Nitin to come here, else you will go jail, do you want to go. Naveen worries. Krishnakant says tell the truth. Naveen says they will not leave me. Pritam says this is the only way now. Nitin says I promise, I won’t let anything happen. Naveen tells them everything.

Nitin asks where is Meeko, he supplied the drugs in the party. Pritam says call him and ask him to get the drugs, we will handle him, call him. Krishnakant asks Naveen to call. Pritam says don’t worry, Inspector will handle it. Naveen calls Meeko. Kuljeet is worried. Saroj asks him not to worry. He says I can’t answer Sakhujas if the truth come out. Saroj says Jagneet has explained Yuvraj everything, he won’t do anything wrong. Amrita calls him. He answers. She says Guneet isn’t fine, what did you tell him. He says nothing. She says he is in tension, which guest is coming. He says my friend’s son is coming from Canada. She says I know all your friends, don’t send Harry. He says no, its someone else, he will give the things and go. Saroj asks her to get ready well. Amrita asks why. Saroj says just get ready. Amrita says that person is coming to give the things. Saroj says he is a nice guy, treat him nicely. Amrita says I have no time to waste. Soni comes. Saroj asks Soni to make Amrita ready, the guy should think that Amrita stays well in her Sasural. Soni says yes, sure. She asks Amrita to get ready and wear good clothes. Kamli gets Pritam’s card and gives to them.

Guneet comes home. Soni asks how did he come early, something happened. Guneet asks them to clean the house. He shouts on Kabir. Dada ji says you are getting angry as if the guest is coming to see a girl. He asks Kamli and Soni to clean the house fast. Nimmo asks did you talk about Soni’s alliance. Soni says I don’t want to marry. Guneet scolds them. He gets dizzy. Everyone worries for him. Amrita says let Kabir check your bp. They check the bp. Angad says his bp is high. Dadi asks what happened. Guneet says nothing, guest is coming, house isn’t clean. They say we will set everything. Pritam, Nitin and Monty come to the place and see Meeko. Pritam says we will see his game. He sees Ansh’s pic and smiles.

Amrita says Guneet is worried. Soni says we will inform Pritam about the card. Amrita says you go, I will call him. Nitin says that man is Meeko’s client. Pritam says yes, patience is so imp. Amrita calls him. He gets Amrita’s calls. He disconnects. He says why is she calling. Nitin says it maybe imp. Monty says we will see them. Pritam goes to take the call. He says I m busy. She says I called for your work, your debit card was fallen on the terrace. He says its expired card, I had thrown it, I m busy, I will talk later. She scolds him.

He says sorry. She says its enough, you go to hell. Meeko sees them. Pritam disconnects the call. She gets angry. Pritam catches the client at gun point and says lets talk with love, sit. Nitin says Meeko left. Pritam says its okay, we got a big fish. Amrita talks to Ansh about Pritam.
Guneet says we have to do this some day, I want to settle Amrita. Nimmo gets shocked. Yuvraj comes home. He meets everyone. Yuvraj sees Amrita and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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