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Episode starts……

At SR Mansion

Suyash was Seen talking to a doctor…..

Suyash – “Doctor will she be fine?”

Doctor – “Yes just need to inject those injections on time. Maybe after some days she may wake up”

Suyash – “Ok doctor thank you. And remember nobody should get to know about your visit to my house”

Doctor – “Yes yes sure you just be tension free from my side and make sure you take good care of her”

Suyash – “Yes. Thank you so much”

Saying so doctor left his house. While he moved to a secret room and closed the door of that room from outside. And headed towards his room.

While at VR Mansion

Ridhima and Vansh were seen sleeping while cuddling each other. Firstly Vansh’s eyes opened as he saw some movements on his chest and saw Ridhima trying to move a little back in her sleep while he was adamant to not let her go and holded her tightly by keeping hands on her shoulder while she was having a carefree smile on her face while sleeping which he craved since many days. While a sudden realisation crashed in his mind and he carefully removed Ridhima’s grip and grabbed a shirt of his and carefully made her wear that shirt as he thought that there are male servants too who can see her sleeping like this but only he has that right but it disturbed Ridhima’s sleep and she slowly opened her eyes to see his love standing near her and staring her while a smile crept on her lips.

Ridhima – “Good morning” she spoke calmly and yet in a sweet voice which is musics for his ears

Vansh – “Good morning Jaan” he came towards her and gave a kiss on her cheek and she blushed while he smiled seeing his effect on her.

Ridhima – “Are you going somewhere?”

Vansh – “Yes I’m just going to arrange some gifts through someone to send those to orphanages as today’s it’s my dad’s birthday. And I wish wherever he is 🥺 just be happy & Safe and nothing else I want” he felt with a sudden feeling of sadness

Taking the realisation about his dad she gets reminded of her dad how he spoke to her that night and broke all his relations with her but she shrugged her thought and decided to give her full attention to Vansh.

Ridhima – “What do you do mostly on your dad’s birthday every year?” She asked curiously

Vansh – “I usually send some gifts to some orphanage for the children and dadi and  used to do puja every year” she listened him carefully and an idea popped in her mind

Ridhima – “Ok. Vansh do you remember any of your dad’s wish that he wanted to fulfill before his demise” she spoke taking his one hand in her hand and interlocked their fingers.

Vansh – “Umm yeah I always listened that he want everyone in the family happy always and also he wanted to build a hospital on the name of my mom Uma Raisinghania”

Ridhima – “So dad’s first wish is fulfilled afterall everyone in the family is happy including us so his second wish we’ll fulfil by a hospital on Uma maa’s name”

Listening this his eyes filled with tears and he silently shedded tears he hugged her from her waist while she was letting him because he needed it after sometime he made him stop crying and spoke….

Ridhima – “So now I think you should fulfill his second wish”

Vansh – “Thank you Ridhima for giving me this wonderful idea on his birthday I just love you so much” and he kissed her passionately revealing his all emotions while she too reciprocated it. After a soulful kiss of 3 minutes they parted ways And joined their foreheads while Vansh got an idea and he picked Ridhima in bridal style while she was just repeatedly saying where is he taking her and she realised she is in the shower area that too in a shirt with his husband and realised his intentions and decided to back off while before her movement he onn the shower and water started coming on both of their bodies.

He saw her features glowing in the shower. Her chubby cheeks turned red, her eyes were continuously blinking due to water droplets and her lips turned soft and wet coming in contact of water and he was feeling to just bite her, mark her as his but shrugged off and tightly grabbed her through her waist….

Vansh – “Don’t you need a bath baby” he spoke huskily in her ear while shiver ran down through her spine and she grabbed his chest tightly due to the proximity between them

Ridhima – “Vansh leave me I’ll take bath but first you need it so you should take bath”

Vansh – “Arre sweetheart we should not waste the time and water. Why don’t we take bath together” he spoke and winked his eye which she just couldn’t help it and smiled

Ridhima – “But vansh we can’t take bath together…” Before she speak he kept a finger on her wet lips…

Vansh – “Shhhhh sweetheart we already became one last night don’t you remember? And with that I’m not asking you to take bath with me I’m ordering you” he spoke kissing on her chubby cheeks and she just nodded her head while blushing and encircled her hand on his neck and hugged her tightly.

And they took a long bath together (ab yeh mat puchna kitni der 😂 khud hi sochlo aur smjhlo ✌️😉)

After taking bath she came with a bathrobe wrapped around her body and moved to the closet are thinking what to wear 🤔 while two hands encircled her waist from behind and she asked…

Ridhima – “Vansh what should I wear?”

While Vansh just gave his attention towards her clothes and spoke….

Vansh – “Ummm sweetheart I think you shouldn’t wear anything” he spoke just taking his hand in her hand while she slapped on his hand and spoke…

Ridhima – “Shut up Vansh. I’m serious batao na. And if you don’t want then I’ll choose by myself ok?”

Vansh – “Accha accha I’ll choose ummm yes this one you should wear this one” he showed her the dress

Ridhima – “Vansh are you mad I just wore it day before yesterday” she spoke with a bit anger

Vansh – “Accha accha then this one?” He showed another one

Ridhima – “No this one I don’t like it’s colour”

Vansh – “Then this one?” He spoke being a bit irritated

Ridhima – “You just let it be. I’ll choose by myself” she sided him and moved towards her closet angrily

Vansh – “If you want to choose by yourself them why wasted my time” he spoke irritatingly

Ridhima – “Now I waste your time and what you were doing from one hour bathing with me right?”

Vansh – “I’m just leaving this room otherwise my brain will blast”

Ridhima – “Then I’m not even stopping you just leave”

He left the room with his buisness suit leaving angry Ridhima behind.

Ridhima – “What does he think of himself that he’ll rule everywhere. In office, in home and in front of his wife too but he don’t know me I’m also Ms.Ridhima Rajdhir oops Mrs.Ridhima Vansh RaiSinghania. Aur Vansh Raisinghania Mrs.raisinghania ke saamne kuch bhi nahi” she was mumbling herself and grabbed a dress and went to got ready.

Whereas Vansh was getting ready and was buttoning his shirt while mumbling to himself…

Vansh – “Pata nahi kya samajhti hai. She’ll rule me Vansh Raisinghania. Then she doesn’t know me that Vansh Raisinghania never works under anybody” ( But apni biwi ke aage to kaam karega hi😆)

Saying so he grabbed his suit and went to the dining area and sat on his king seat while servants came with breakfast and kept it on the table. While Ridhima too reached the dining area and grabbed a seat just opposite to Vansh while Vansh was just admiring her in a Baby Pink embroidered suit which he suggested to her and looking her once just calmed down his anger. After staying quiet a lot he spoke…

Vansh – “Sweetheart listen na”

While she was just busy in scrolling her Phone and taking her breakfast (full ignorance 🙄)

And after a lot of pleads he stood up and moved towards Ridhima’s seat a grabbed a chair beside her and took her bread-butter that was kept on the plate and made her eat while she was eating it cutely.

Ridhima (thinking) – “I know he can’t stay angry from me for long time. I want to see how will he seek my forgiveness” she said while smirking

Vansh (thinking) – “She is looking so cute while eating I just want to kiss her. And I know she won’t let me. Now I’ve to do something”

Vansh – “Ridhima there’s something on the corner of your lips” he said pointing out

Ridhima – “Really where” she asked

He indicated towards the left corner of through his hand while she started touching but felt nothing and he sighed and moved towards the corner of her lips while she misunderstood him as if he is coming close to kiss her and she let him do but she realised that he actually took something out from corner of her lips and she mentally slapped herself for such thinking.

Vansh – “Sweetheart what were you thinking that what I’m gonna do” he spoke understanding her intentions

Ridhima – “Nothing and you should eat your breakfast ok. I don’t want to talk to you”

she was going to leave the chair but vansh grabbed her wrist and made her sit of his lap.

Ridhima – “Vansh leave me. It’s not good if someone will see us than it will be awkward”

Vansh – “Sweetheart no one is here and if any servant will see us like this then he’ll understand that you belong to me. Understand”

Ridhima – “But before sometime you were the one naa who fought with me said that I wasted your time and you left the room” she spoke with a bit anger on her face.

Vansh – “Yes it was me and I’m sorry baby please” he spoke with puppy eyes

His cute voice couldn’t help Ridhima and a smile was crept on her face listening sorry and he mentally patted himself for being brilliant in asking forgiveness with his not so cute face from his wife. He was just going to kiss her while a voice appeared to them….

Voice – “I haven’t seen anything” the person spoke keeping his/her hand on the eyes.

Vansh/Ridhima – “Ishani” they both were shocked and it was an awkward moment for both and immediately got up and stood there

Ishani – “Yes bhai bhabhi it’s me who else will be there. And what do you thought that we’ve gone to a long vacation. No it was just a one night trip and it’s over. So back to normal” she spoke teasingly

Ridhima was blushing and she just changed the topic and said…

Ridhima – “Vansh I’m going to my house to meet dad. Because I want to apologise to him”

Vansh became tensed listening Ridhima going He thought what if Ridhima decided to leave him because he fought with her sometime back and spoke…

Vansh – “No you can’t go. I mean…… When your dad has already broke all his relations with you then how could you go to him and apologise him”

Ridhima – “Vansh it’s not like that sometimes parents do say some hurtful words but it’s doesn’t mean that you won’t realise your mistakes and apologise to them. You should always not let your ego empower your feelings. And that’s what I’m doing. And I’ll go to dad that’s final.” She spoke adamantly

Vansh – “Ok fine but I’ll drop you and I’ll pick you up”

Ridhima – “No you can’t. You’ve to go to your office also and I don’t want to disturb you. Haan one thing you can do, you can pick me up in the evening”

Vansh – “Fine I’ll pick you up” he spoke sighing a little that atleast she will come with him back to his house.

And after sometime he left for his office while Ridhima too left for her house after meeting with the family.

Episode ends here…..

Precap – Ridhima – “Dad Have you listened any noise of machines from the store room?” She asked and listening her Rudra became tensed

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