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Aly lifts twinkle and takes her to bedroom..

He makes her lie down and sprinkles water on her which makes twinkle wake..

Twinkle: what happened?

Aly:i should ask you this question.. what happened to you?why were you lying unconscious on kitchen?

Twinkle gets worried and cries..

Twinkle:i have never worked like this even in my i did a huge work for first time i felt tired and fall unconscious.

Aly gets shocked and angry..

Aly shouts: can’t you eat properly for good are already looking like skeleton and when you work more then this will surely happen. So you have to eat properly right?

Twinkle gets shocked..

Twinkle in mind:what type of man he is? He was torturing to do works sometime before and now he is concerned about my health..strange.

Twinkle stumbles:i..i..i don’t like vegetables and all and that’s why i dint eat properly here.

Aly:are you saint? If you eat only junk foods then you will only suffer. You should eat vegetables compalsarily here. If you don’t eat vegetables then I’ll punish you..

Twinkle gets shocked..

Twinkle in mind:this man is so confusing..he was torturing like he is the devil but still he is concerned..what a man he is?.

Aly:now go and eat raw carrot as it’s good for health. You should be strong to work more so just go and eat and then start working..

Twinkle: but I don’t like it..that too raw carrot will not be nice.

Aly:iam sorry..i cant keep my servants weak so you should be healthy. So i will make you eat atleast forcibly..

Aly brings a raw carrot and gives it to twinkle but twinkle hesitates..

Twinkle:no..i cant eat this. Please don’t force me please..

Aly gets angry and he forcibly feeds raw carrot to twinkle making twinkle cry..

Twinkle cries:why are you doing this?i can’t able to bear this.. please leave me.

Aly:i cant let my servant as like her wish here. They have to follow my commands orelse this forcement will be the result.

Twinkle in mind:now i understood why he was acting like a good person..he is just a monster who can never become a human.

Aly:now go and clean the kitchen should be cleaned within 10 minutes understood?

Twinkle gets scared and nods her head and she goes to clean the kitchen.


Tina reaches the college and suprised seeing everyone wandering without attending the class and she goes to Kunal who is standing alone..

Tina:hey Kunal.. what’s going on here?

Kunal turns and looks at Tina and..

Kunal: actually dancing competition is coming nearby and that’s why rehearsal is going to take place. Today they will select the best dancers and will be promoted to participate in the competition and whoever wins the competition then they get a chance to dance before the people.

Tina notices kunal’s lips and understands it and gets glad..

Tina in mind: this is a nice chance for me to dance before the people but how can be possible?i cant approach the staffs with my deafness..ohh shit.

Suddenly Tanvi comes before Tina and..

Tanvi:Tina..kartik sir is calling you in chemistry lab.

Tina notices her lips and understands it..

Tina in mind: how did kartik sir came soon?did that guy got fine?..

Tina:ok..I’ll go and meet him.

Tina goes to chemistry lab and sees kartik sitting in bench and..

Tina: excuse me sir..

Kartik sees Tina and nods his head and tina goes near kartik and..

Tina:sir..did you call me? you should go and perform your dancing skill before the college and there will be judges too. If the judges likes your performance then you can participate in the competition and then you will get a chance to dance before the people.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and gets shocked..

Tina: can i dance now without giving my name?

Kartik:i gave your name so don’t worry. And i will be sitting near stage only so dance confidently.

Tina notices his lips and understands it..

Tina:sure sir..thank you sir for helping me.

Kartik:it’s okay. Tell me which song do you want to play in background?

Tina notices his lips and tells a song name and..

Kartik:fine.. this song will be played in background and you can imagine the song and dance and i will give you the signal once the song is played in background okay?

Tina notices his lips and understands it..

Tina:sure sir..

Kartik:now go and wait near the participants in stage and once your name is called then i will give you a signal.

Tina notices his lips and understands it..

Tina:ok sir..

Tina goes while kartik too leaves from there..

After a while the whole college is brought to sit before the stage to watch the performances of dancing students and then judges too settle down before the stage and after sometime the dancing rehearsal starts and each participant is called and they dance..

Later Tina’s name is called and kartik shows a signal to Tina without anyone’s knowledge and tina climbs the stage nervously..

Tina in mind:krishnaji.. please give confident to dance. Iam going dance for first time before many people and iam feeling nervous. I will better see kartik sir and dance to dance confidently.

Tina stands on the stage and kartik gives a signal once the song starts and tina starts to imagine the song and she dances..

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan
Rang jaaun, rang rang jaaun ri, haari main


Tujhpe main jhar jhar jhar jaaun
Hoon piya bas teri main
Ho chhu le toh khari main
(Toh khari main khari main…)

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun re
Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun ri

Kartik gets mesmerized on Tina’s dance and he smiles unknowingly

Tar jaaun tar tar jaaun
Dariya ye tar jaaun jee
Ishq ye paake main tera
Nikhar jaaun ri…

Tina too notices kartik’s smile and she dances more confidently..

Piya bas teri main
Ho.. chhu le toh khari main
toh khari main khari main…

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Later Tina stops dancing as it ends and everyone gives a big applaud and cheers for her..

Tina looks the whole students clapping and appreciating and gets emotional..

Tina in mind:thank you krishnaji for helping me to dance successfully..

Even the judges including kartik stands and claps which makes Tina more emotional and she runs away from stage to a corner of a plain area and she cries..

Kartik gets shocked and he searches for her and somehow he finds her in a corner crying and he goes to her and holds her shoulder making her look into his eyes..

Kartik:what happened?you danced so well that even every judges clapped for you..but why did you runaway here and crying?

Tina notices his lips and understands it..

Tina cryingly:sir..iam crying out of happiness as well as sadness. I couldn’t control before everyone and that’s why i came here.

Kartik:i know what happiness you would have felt before everyone but what is the sadness did you got there?

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..

Tina cryingly:sir..i can see everyone appreciating me but i couldn’t hear their clap sound and their cheering sound. Sometime people will feel happy when they hear the huge cheering and clapping sound but..i..i..

Tina bursts into crying while kartik too can feel her pain and he caresses her face emotionally and rubs her tears..

Kartik emotionally:i can feel your pain but sometimes we should suppress our pain to achieve our try to forget your pain and just focus on your aim.. even there is a proverb that no pain no gain and so there won’t be any success without any pain.. kindly forget your pain.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and she becomes more emotional and hugs him out of control and cries while kartik too embraces her and gets teary seeing her condition..

Later Tina moves away from kartik and wipes her tears and..

Tina:i..iam sorry sir for hugging you. I.. only know you very closely other than Kunal and Tanvi and that’s why I hugged you emotionally.

Kartik:it’s okay..i understand your situation. I think now you would have felt some relief after sharing your sorrows.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..

Tina:yes sir.. and thank you sir for being my support. If you dint support me then i wouldn’t have reached this place.

Kartik smiles and..

Kartik:it’s my duty to support you and i will always support you.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and gets emotional..

Tina:thank you sir.

Kartik:it’s okay.. now go and sit near your friends and share your happiness. And if the judges selects you for the competition then go and speak confidently on stage about your skills.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..

Tina: okay sir.

Both goes from there while kartik feels something..

Kartik in mind: what is happening with me?i felt pain when Tina shared her pain and iam feeling happy when she smiles.. what is this kind of feeling?

Kartik then ignores her thoughts and goes and sits in professor’s area while Tina goes and sits near Kunal and Tanvi while both of them gets suprised seeing Tina and Kunal comes before Tina and..

Kunal: what a suprise Tina?you never told about your dancing skills and also you never told us that you were also taking part in this rehearsal..did you forgot us?

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..

Tina:no Kunal. My aim is to become a dancer but i always ignored my aim due to my deafness.. but kartik sir came to know about my passion and he only helped me to participate in this rehearsal and motivated to achieve my aim.

Kunal and Tanvi gets suprised and they smile while Tanvi comes before Tina and..

Tanvi:hey Tina.. what is happening between you and kartik sir?kartik sir wont be this much lenient towards students but he became your motivator there any kind of feelings between you both?

Tina notices her lips and understands it and makes a puppy face..

Tina:shut up Tanvi..there is nothing like that. Kartik sir is very good and kind hearted person and that’s why he is helping me that’s all. Please don’t take it in wrong way..

Tanvi smiles..

Tanvi:sure..i just tried to make fun with you that’s all.

Tina notices her lips and smiles..


Suddenly the judges announces the result and they call the names of students who they selected and finally they call tina..

Judge samyush:miss. Tina khanna please come on stage and give speech for your successful dancing skills.

Tanvi comes in front of tina and.. got selected and they are calling you on stage for some speech. So go and talk..

Tina notices her lips and understands it and gets glad..

Tina: really?


Tina goes to the stage nervously while everyone claps for her..

Tina in Mike:iam really grateful to everyone for your support and iam thankful for the judges for selecting me.

Then Tina looks kartik and smiles and..

Tina in Mike: i consider dance as my aim and i hope i became a dancer one day. But i always had negative thoughts on myself and i used to deny my dancing chance always but today someone supported and motivated me to reach this level confidently without any negative thoughts and iam really thankful to that person..

Kartik smiles seeing Tina speaking confidently and also for praising him..

Tina in Mike: and everyone’s support gave me a strength and positive thoughts to work for my aim further without any negative thoughts and iam very much thankful to you all for supporting me. And thank you so much for the judges to give me chance to speak before the students.. thank you so much.

Everyone claps for Tina for her wonderful speech including kartik..


Naksh is shocked to see sirat punching her pillow angrily and runs to her..

Naksh:arrey sirat.. what happened to you?why are you punching this innocent pillow?

Sirat sadly:bhai.. whenever iam upset i used to punch you but today i am totally upset so i don’t want to hurt you so iam hurting this pillow to forget whatever happened today.

Naksh: what happened today that made you upset this much?

Sirat: actually it was problem between me and a guy and i hurted him very badly and it’s all my mistake and that’s why iam upset..

Naksh laughs hearing it shocking sirat..

Sirat:bhai..iam serious but you are laughing?

Naksh: actually when a problem comes between a men and a women then it is called as…

Sirat throws pillow on naksh and..

Sirat:bhai.. don’t tell that it is the first sign of love.i don’t want to love anyone in my life..

Naksh hugs sirat and..

Naksh:just calm down sirat Mary Kom Singhania. I know you are mood off now but make yourself happy by talking with Mishti and kuhu.


Suddenly Mishti and kuhu enters there and..

Mishti:naksh bhai..iam in love..woohooo..

Naksh and sirat gets suprised and..

Sirat: really Mishti?


Naksh:who is that unlucky fellow?? I think he is a mad and that’s why he have fallen for you.

Mishti gets angry while sirat and kuhu laughs..

Mishti are always making fun only. Now i will tell that you will marry a black and fatty girl who will torture your whole life with her looks.

Naksh:arrey oldie grandma.. your curse wont work on me.. okay? because iam a..

Mishti: great fool..

Sirat comes in between them and..

Sirat:hey please stop your useless talks. And Mishti who is that lucky guy ?

Kuhu:it’s none other than mr. Snoring..

Mishti gets angry on kuhu and pinches her..

Mishti:shut up kuhu..if you like him then go and marry him and enjoy his snoring but don’t drag me with that idiot understood? Orelse i will kill you.

Sirat:i don’t understand anything what you both are talking about.. please tell me who is that mr.snoring and why Mishti is angry on him.

Kuhu:i will tell..


Karishma, kuhu and Mishti boarded the flight and they sat on their respective seats while Mishti alone sits with some guy as her number gets allocated there..

Mishti in mind:ohh will i sit in this place and that too near a stranger. If i atleast got a window seat it would have been nice..

Suddenly she hears a snoring sound from that guy and looks at him..

Mishti in mind: ohh noo.. this man is snoring like a thunder then how will i manage till i reach udaipur? I’ll better sleep to get rid of this guy.

Mishti tries to sleep but his snoring doesn’t let her sleep so Mishti gets angry..

Mishti in mind:why is this man snoring like a lion..i couldn’t sleep also. if he snores more then I’ll surely wake him up..

Mishti again tries to sleep by putting sponge on her ears but that too doesn’t work as that guy’s snoring is vey louder and Mishti gets frustrated..

Mishti in mind: ohhh krishnaji..even the theatres are having better sound.i feel like putting chillies in his mouth to shut his snoring..

Mishti tries to wake that guy but he doesn’t get up and..

Mishti: this guy is sleeping like as if he haven’t slept for decades.. what a stupid guy. Now i will do one thing..I’ll better put ear phones and sleep so that his snoring wont disturb me due to music sound.

Mishti happily puts ear phones and tries to sleep but that guy’s snoring is heared higher than that music which makes Mishti furious..

Mishti:who the monster he is?? Even i dint hear such horrible voices from animals too..but this man is snoring as if he is going to break the world into two pieces. Now see what I’ll do..

Mishti takes her water bottle and pours the water on his face but that also doesn’t works and he keeps on sleeping..

Mishti gets furious and see stands and shouts closing her ears..


Every passengers looks at Mishti while air hostess comes to Mishti and..

Air hostess:any problem mam? Do you want anything?

Mishti furiously:yeah.. bring me a ear phones which covers my whole ears.

Air hostess:iam sorry mam..ear phones like that are still haven’t invented yet.

Every passengers laughs at her while Mishti sits angrily and bites her nails angrily..

After few hours they reach udaipur and every passengers gets ready to get down while the guy wakes up and looks at Mishti near him..

Guy:hi beautiful lady..iam sorry i couldn’t accompany your journey as i had good sleep.

Mishti gets furious and..

Mishti:you monkey..donkey.. stupid.. nonsense.. blo*dy fool.

The flight gets landed while Mishti walks away angrily while the guy gets confused..

Guy in mind: what happened to this lady??.


everyone laughs hearing it..

Sirat:wow Mishti..i think you enjoyed your flight journey a lot.

Mishti:di.. please don’t make fun of me.

Naksh:shit..i missed the chance to be there with you. If was there i would have enjoyed that scene..i think kuhu would have enjoyed a lot. Am i right kuhu?

Kuhu: ofcourse bhai..

Mishti stares everyone angrily and..

Mishti:i wont leave you all today..

Sirat hugs Mishti and.. down Mishti. Fine tell me who is your boyfriend then?

Mishti smiles.

Mishti:it’s no one..i just told to change your mood.

Kuhu:no’s mr.snoring only.

Mishti:shut up your mouth kuhu..

Sirat smiles and hugs Mishti emotionally..

Sirat:today i was really upset but you changed my mood especially your flight journey changed my mood. Now iam really happy..

Mishti kuhu and sirat hugs each other..

Naksh : i think i have no value now as all the sister joined together.

Kuhu breaks the hug and..

Kuhu:are you jealous bhai?

Naksh: a little.

Everyone smiles and they hug naksh happily..



Dadi comes there..

Dadi: suwarna..why are you shouting now?

Suwarna happily:maa..we got a alliance for kartik.

Dadi gets suprised..

Dadi:what?really? Who is that family?

Suwarna:it’s Singhania family only maa.. Manish’s friend naitikji’s family.

Dadi gets happy..’s really a good alliance. Singhania family people are really good..i think we should accept this alliance.

Suwarna:yes..even aksharaji liked our son kartik and only one thing is pending..we should ask kartik about it.

Dadi:no need to ask him. We will give him a suprise after we go and see our bahu..

Suwarna:but if kartik loves someone?then we can’t force him right?

Dadi gets sad..

Dadi:well ask Ranveer about it because kartik shares every matter with him only..


They both go to Ranveer’s room and..

Dadi:Ranveer..just tell me one thing.

Ranveer: what’s it dadi?

Dadi:did kartik talked about his marriage plans or did he told that he is loving anyone?

Ranveer thinks and..

Ranveer: kartik doesn’t love anyone yet dadi..he told that he will accept even arranged marriage.

Dadi and suwarna gets happy..

Dadi:thank you khanna..

They both leave while Ranveer gets confused..

Ranveer in mind: why is dadi asking this now?what are they planning?

While dadi and suwarna goes to hall and..

Dadi: tomorrow we will go to Singhania house to see our bahu and then we will suprise kartik on his birthday by bringing our bahu here..

Suwarna smiles and..



precap: avni is missing.tina (naira’s) sherni mode. Twinkle is shocked. Naksh and keerthi’s moment. Sirat saves surekha.

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