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Episode 7

One week later.
Akshara came home after getting discharged from the hospital. All the families are gathered to discuss about the engagement date of AbhiRa.

Dadi: pandit ji see a good auspicious day and time for my great granddaughter and birla’s elder son Abhimanyu’s engagement.

Pandit ji: ji maaji. After some time he says that 10 days after today is auspicious day for the engagement.
Everyone gets happy. AbhiRa turned red due to blushing. They all the elders bless them. Dadi wards of the evil eyes for both of them.
After some chitchat all the families takes their leave from Goenka house.

Same day night at 10: 00 pm.
Abhi: so finally are you ready to become Mrs. Akshara Abhimanyu Birla from Ms. Akshara Goenka.

Akshu: yes. We have 10 days to get engaged to each other. Then our relationship will move one step ahead.

Abhi: can we get married now itself?? I can’t wait anymore to make you mine. Please.

Akshu: are you serious Abhi?? Anyways come to royal park 🏞 at 5 pm tomorrow. I want to meet you.

Abhi: ok done sweetheart.

In Birla house,

Harsh: finally Abhi has confessed his feelings for Akshara and also going to get married. In 10 days he will get engaged.

Anand: haan I am so happy for Abhi. Finally he has agreed to get married that to of the girl of our choice. I am so happy.

Manjiri: I am going to get my bahu now. I am so happy.

Mahima: finally your prayers are answered manjiri. Our Abhi is going to get married soon.

Next day at 4:00 pm in the evening,

Abhi: papa and bade papa I am going out for an important work I will be back late.

Harsh: I know what is your important work. Going to meet Akshara right?? At royal garden. I know kartik said me when I spoke with him regarding your engagement.

Abhi: dad please….

Harsh: ok fine. Permission granted.

Abhi: thanks dad. Bye both. With that he went.

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