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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavani asks Sai to perform Virat’s aarti and says when a suhaagan prays for her suhaag’s safety, even god has to listen to her plea and she has a power of bringing her husband back to life from Yamraj. Sai emotionally performs Virat’s aarti with trembling hands remembering her Aaba bearing bullet during mission and losing his life. Aarti thali slips. Virat holds it. Bhavani scolds her its abshagun if aarti thali falls down. Sai apologizes. Bhavani says she is a policeman’s wife and should show her brave side without getting emotionally. Sai nods okay thinking she is a police officer’s daughter and IPS officer’s wife and hence cannot get weak. She fixes Virat’s hat and gets teary eyed. Virat asks her to show her bravery and with smile tie protective thread/mouli on his hand. She asks him to promise that he will return home with him. Devi insists Virat to promise Sai as Virat Chavan’s promise never fails. Virat promises Sai and asks her to promise that she will take care of herself. She says she will and gifts him a tiffin for his journey.

Mansi reminds Ashwini that Ashwini used to pack laddus in tiffin for Ninad whenever he used to go on a mission and he used to have it whenever he missed family. Sai emotionally hugs Virat tightly. Sonali taunts they started again. Virat reciprocates back, leaving Pakhi burning in jealousy, and asks Mirchi/Sai to miss him. Sai walks behind Virat. Virat says he will return safe as promised and never breaks his promise. She holds his hand and says he will wait for him. He also gets emotional and leaves in jeep while she waves him.

Sai returns home and assures Ashwini that Virat will return home safe and says let us perform pooja. Ashwini tells Bhavani that she let Sai perform Ganesh pooja last time, Sai’s hands were shivering while performing his aarti and its an abshagun, so let her and Samrat or Mohit and Karishma perform aarti. Bhavani agrees. Ashwini tells Bhavani that she told her not to send Sai in Virat’s room for some more time, but she didn’t listen; once Sai entered Virat’s room, Virat got a mission call. Bhavani scolds her and asks Samrat Pakhi and Mohit Karishma to perform pooja. Sai misses Virat. She returns to Virat’s room and remembers all their past events.

Virat also misses Sai looking at her tiffin. Sai opens Virat’s diwali gift and finds a perfume bottle. Virat finds Sai’s note that she prepared fried modak specially for him. Sai reads Virat’s letter that he wants her to study well and once he returns, he will take her out for celebration and not on terrace. She picks phone to call him, but stops thinking he must be busy with his colleagues. Virat enjoys modak and shares it with his colleagues. Inspector says they feel very happy seeing him back as they thought he wouldn’t return soon, its also diwali today. Virat says even he is sacrificing his diwali with family for his duty. Inspector says their families sacrifice more than them as they send them with a strong heart and keep worrying till they return. Pakhi enters Sai’s room with snacks and asks if mirchi is missing modak.

Precap: Sai asks Pakhi why she came to Virat’s room in his absence. Pakhi says to welcome Sai in Virat’s room in his absence. Sai says Virat’s friendship is with her. Pakhi asks not to trust Virat as he promised even her. Sai asks to be specific. Pakhi says Virat is a man and expects someone to support him as a wife, soon there will a third person in their lives.

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