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The Episode starts with Thapki praying to Mata Rani and saying I wanted to do everything good, then how this has happened. She says you know that I never thought bad about anyone, and never done bad with anyone. She says everyone is thinking me wrong, all the proofs are against me. Dadi comes there and tells Thapki that everyone don’t doubt on her, and tells that she shouldn’t have hide this from them. Thapki says I have done a big mistake. Dadi says Purab has given you a chance to prove your and Anchun’s innocence. Thapki says Rohit is not a good guy and I will not let him ruin Sargam’s liye. Priyanka comes to Hansika’s room. Hansika asks did you come to dry the papad today also. Priyanka says I came to tell you the secret of a secret person and tells that I caught you red handed when you have deleted the message from Purab and Thapki’s mobiles. A fb is shown. Thapki talks to Anchun and asks who might have deleted the message. Anchun says message were deleted from both your and jiju’s mobile. It is outsider’s work. Thapki says that person is with Rohit. Priyanka asks Hansika if Rohit is like her and tells her that she knows it. Hansika says I don’t know who is he? Priyanka says she has kept her eye on her. Thapki says that person wants my sasural family to get against me. Anchun says they used me for this. Hansika asks what do you need? Priyanka says we will enjoy together. Hansika says I know that you are not doing this for enjoyment and asks what does she need? Priyanka says you just have the mangoes and leave the seeds.

Anchun tells that he will talk to Jatin. Thapki says we will prove our innocence using Jatin. Priyanka says the accusations shall not be moved from Thapki’s head, in any circumstances. Thapki asks Mata Rani to help them catch Jatin, if he goes out of our hand. Jatin is leaving and his bag falls down. Anchun sees money coming out of the bag and catches him shockingly. He asks why did you lie in my sister’s sasural. Jatin says I will say, and runs away, pushing cycle on him. He sits in the auto and says you can never catch me. Anchun comes back to Jatin’s bag and finds money there. He picks it and calls Thapki and informs her that Jatin fled. Thapki asks him to follow Rohit.

Thapki comes back to room and holds Purab’s hand while he is sleeping. She says I won’t let your trust break so easily and apologizes to him. She takes off handkerchief in his cupboard and finds the garam patila embroidery on it. She says I used to think you as garam patila, but you are coconut, hard from outside and soft at heart. She ties the handkerchief to his hand and says everything will be fine very soon. She sits on the bed and sleeps.

Next morning, Purab wakes up and sees the cloth tied on his hand. He finds her sleeping while sitting and says you gave the injury and applied medicine also. He says who are you? Thapki comes to the Dining table. Dadi asks did you have anything since morning. Thapki nods no. Dadi asks will you fill your stomach seeing us eating food. She asks her to sit. Veena says if she gets up then I will get up. Sargam says even I. Dadi says Sargam is catching your behavior. Veena says Amma. Thapki asks them not to worry and says she will have food in her room.

Anjali asks the jeweller to open the locket and says she wants to keep new pic in it. He opens it, and while trying to give it to her, the locket falls in the water glass. Anjali asks what you have done. The locket gets closed. Jeweller opens it, but the photos are ruined. Anjali asks did you see the pics. The jeweller says there was a lady and a girl’s pic. She shows Jaya’s pic. He says may be she was the one. Anjali thinks to find it.

Purab asks Thapki where she is going and asks her to sit and have food. They see his hand injured and asks what happened? Purab tells Dadi that it is an ordinary injury. Priyanka and Sapna taunt him for holding sweets box. Purab says there is a rule of the house that the show must go on. He says Veena Records will be having a big collaboration, all mom songs will be put in a portable radio box and will be sold. Veena asks with whom, the collaboration is happening. Purab says Meera Kakkar, and tells that it is her company Meera vocals. Priyanka says foreigners had called her to give her the award. Purab says she got grammy award and tells Veena that her name will be known in the international market also. He says Meera got ready to do an event with you. Veena thanks Purab. Purab says I will use all my PR company in this, and will put all mom’s songs in it. Sargam asks when you will meet Rohit. Purab says very soon, once this deal is done. Sargam asks him to meet him, so that Thapki gets some peace. Thapki gets sad. Hansika smiles.

Sapna says Veena got enough popularity. Priyanka says nobody can defeat such a good singer. Sapna says we have to make her performance with Meera Kakkar, flop, and asks her to come.

Veena Devi sees a CD and thinks from where did it come here? She thinks to hide it and takes out her photo frame and opens the drawer kept behind it, and keeps the CD in it. Sapna and Priyanka see Veena hiding the CD and gets shocked. Veena Devi thinks to give her CDS for the records and goes out. Priyanka tells Sapna that there is surely some breaking news in this CD. Sapna says lets see. They go inside and Sapna gets the CD.

Purab thinks what was Mom’s songs in these three years and tries to check on the mobile, but wi fi is not working. Thapki brings coffee for him. He says thank you and then says I don’t want it. Thapki asks why did you leave the space vacant, and says Maa ji got Rising award in 2006, Preet ki Reet album was launched in 2007 and Main yahan ho song was launched in 2009. Purab checks on the internet and gets surprised. Thapki says you might be thinking how do I remember this, and says I regard her as my Guru and that’s why I remember. She says you are upset with Anchun and me, but things are not the same as it is shown to you. Purab asks her to prove and says I can’t trust you both. Thapki says I will prove, it was my mistake that I hid about Sargam and Rohit, but I won’t let Anchun become guilty for the crime, he has not done.

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