Saumya Kamble aka Choti Helen of India’s Best Dancer 2 talks about her journey in the show and more – Telly Updates

India’s Best Dancer – Season 2 has found this season’s BestKaNextAvtar!. Saumya Kamble who was choreographed by Vartika Jha was announced as the winner and was awarded the trophy.

In a recent interview with India Forums, Saumya talked about her experience and thoughts on winning the show, she said, “I never thought that I would lift the trophy as I believe when I came for the auditions, the contestants were extremely good in their craft. Having able to win the trophy makes me feel ecstatic”.

When asked about her favorite memory from the show, the young star shared, “I’ve got a lot of memories to cherish from the show. However, my favorite one would be when Asha Bhonsle ma’am came on the show and awarded me a Natraj. It’s a surreal feeling for a dancer to receive such an award, coming from a legendary personality like Asha ma’am made it more special. It has Asha ma’am who gave me the title ‘Choti Helen’. Being compared with a renowned and legendary performer like Helen ma’am made me feel wonderful”.

Talking about her choreographer Vartika Jha, Saumya said, “I owe her a lot. Vartika didi worked very hard on the show and made sure I get to showcase my talent entirely. When I entered the show, my style was very soft but working with Vartika didi has made my dancing style strong and crisp. She combined her style with mine and together we were able to bring out a beautiful style of dance which was loved by many”.

On being asked about her future plans, she added, “I want to become a choreographer, so I’ll definitely work towards that. Also, I’ve always dreamt of representing my country India on an International platform. Apart from the above, I really wish to take the belly dancing style to another level and make my fellow belly dancers proud”.

We wish Saumya Kamble the heartiest congratulations.

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