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Episode 3

Aryan: prachi are you saying the truth??

Prachi: sahana is the daughter of one of the multi millionaire in the world. We are nothing in front of her. And also one more thing sahana and me are going to Canada after the semester exam and will shift permanently there with maa and Sarita aunty. Karan bhaiya said this.

Abhi: Prachi you and pragya are not going anywhere you are going to be with me and we will live as one family. And regarding Rhea, she as to bear the punishment for her deeds. Ranbir call me police immediately.

Ranbir calls the police and ask them to come to mehra Mansion.

Prachi: I am sorry mr. Mehra. My decision is final and also maa too agreed. Now I have no relation with you all. You have only one daughter that is Rhea Mehra. Also you had an elder daughter named Kiara Mehra. You have no relation with me and vice versa.

Suddenly a man at late 20’s enter the Mehra Mansion.

Sahana/Prachi: Karan bhaiya!
Immediately they ran and hugged him tightly.
Karan: how are my sisters??

Prachi: one sister is fine and another sister is not fine bhaiya.

Karan: kya hua prachi?

Prachi: already i have been betrayed by one person in the name of love. And the same has happened with mom also. Yes bhaiya my name sake father has moved on in his life but my maa cried for him day and night hiding her pain within herself and didn’t move on for this much time and was yearning for her other daughter. But in this family they never cared for me and maa. So I have made my decision bhaiya. That along with sahana i am also going Canada with maa and also Sarita aunty shifting there permanently. Please meri tickets kar vaa do bhaiya next day of our exam.

Karan: are you sure that you want to shift permanently??

Prachi: when I have no one other than Khuranas and maa what is there in being here?? If I go there I will have better life and better future and maa I have decided she will also move on. Please bhaiya. I will become like how expected me to be.

Sahana: yes bhaiya. She is right. Maasi needs to move on so book our tickets bhaiya.

Prachi: Aryan in this family I trust only you. Not only being as my friend but also my brother when you came to know that Ranbir betrayed me. I will always be there with you as a friend as well as a sister. You are free to call me anytime you want. You are the one who proved my innocence in the misunderstanding of Mrs. Kohli. And also in all the cases that Rhea allerged me. Thank you so much.

Aryan: please prachi I am requesting you don’t say this thanks and all. I will be there with you always as a friend and brother. Whatever you decide I will be there with you in all your decision. And regarding being in contact why will I be here in this house or family where all the betrayers are together as a family. I am also coming along with you and pragya taiji. Is it ok for you??

Karan: it’s ok Aryan. I am happy with your decision. Also you are like prachi. You are always welcome.

Prachi: thank you so much bhaiya.

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