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New Aspiration

“You tooo ??” Everyone said

“Yessss” they both spoke in unison

“Sejal… Sanya you too here together I mean Seju two days back u said me that you were arriving yesterday and Sanu you were in London right? Then suddenly here….” Spoke Riddhima faking anger.

(Nia Sharma as Sanya )

“Yes Riddhu di I was in London but yesterday only I arrived at Mumbai there I met Sejal and we decided to surprise you together” saying this Sanya gave a hi-fi to Sejal and they both giggled. Riddhima smiled seeing her.

Sanya went and hugged her carefully, then to Rehaan. Just when their eyes fell on Vansh and his family. Passing him a smile, she went to Rehaan and looked at him.

“Who are they?” She asked eyeing at them.

“He is Vansh Raisinghania, my friend and her business partner” Rehaan said and saw as Sanya nodded at this and then turned back to Riddhima.

“He is cute.” She mumbled and smiled at this.

Everyone went in for their further daily chores.


Riddhima looked at the pan where her milk was getting boiled.

“Baby, just two minutes and then you’ll get the milk.” Riddhima said and looked at her big baby bump. A smile came on her lips.

“Riddhima…” She heard a small voice and knowing it was didn’t found it important to look. Vansh entered in looked at her, she saw him standing beside her. “Riddhima, I know you don’t want to talk to me. That’s why I’m here to say sorry.”

She heard him and looked at him through corner of her eyes. “Why? Willing to kill anyone else this time?”

“No… I just came here to say Sorry…” He was about to say further when they heard a voice.

“Sorry…For what?” They turned and looked as Sanya entered inside the kitchen. Moving to Riddhima, she hugged her from behind. They looked at each other.

“Nothing…Actually” Vansh was about to say when Riddhima’s voice stopped him.

“Arey nothing important…You say, you need anything.” Riddhima asked Sanya changing the topic.

“No di, actually I came back here after a lot of time. So I want to spend sometime with you all.” She said in a childish and excited tone.

“Fine. Inform everyone then” Riddhima said looking back in the pan.

“Then Antakshari at 9 pm, tonight” Looking at Vansh, Sanya said “What say?”

“Your wish. I have some work, I’ll leave” Vansh said and turned to go. But she came in front of him.

“See, Rehaan jiju told me that you are his friend. But can you please come for me, please…..I’ll really like.” She said folding her hands. He smiling nodded at her and turned to leave. Sanya looked at him leaving with a smile on her lips.

Riddhima looked at everything and held the hot pan in her bare hands and screamed “aaaahhhhhh”..

Listening Ridhima’s scream vansh and Sanya came running to her..

Ridhima are u ok ‘ asked vansh caressing her hands ..

Sanya filled a bowl with cold hands and gave to vansh . Vansh took her hands and dipped in water then he cleaned it and applied the ointment.

Meanwhile Rehan also came running hearing Ridhima’s scream he rushed to her and in process he pushed vansh unknowingly which somewhere hurt him .

“Mishti are u ok why were working u know na in this state u. Shouldn’t do any kind of work ….”

“Rey Rey pls shant ho jau kuch nahi hua muje “

Kuch nahi hua? haat jal gaya tumhara aur tum keh rahi ho kuch nahi hua aur Sanya tum to yahi thi tumne bhi dhyan nahi Diya? .

“Vo jiju am sorry galti ho gayi but hame vansh ji ko thanks kehna chahiye unhone sahi time pe di ka haath dekh liya ‘

“Thank you vansh mishti ke dhyan rakhne ke liye” said rehaan

It’s ok saying vansh left .


Everyone sat in the middle of the garden with a bonfire in the middle. Riddhima looked as Sejal gave everyone a shawl. Rehaan covered him and Riddhima with a shawl. Vansh looked away seeing their close proximity.

“Oh no…It’s just one but you both” Sejal exclaimed and looked at Sanya and Vansh.

“It’s ok, you can take.” Vansh said and forwarded it to Sanya.

“No, that’s okay. I’m having my jacket.” She said it with a smile.

“You can take.” Vansh said but was interrupted by Arjun

“Arey, you both can share. Just like Riddhima and Rehaan are sharing.” Arjun said and looked at them. Riddhima heard him and looked at Vansh.

Looking at Sanya, he grew tensed.

“Yaa…that’s fine” Sanya said and moved beside him. He looked at Riddhima who was looking at the fire. Opening it, he covered him and Sanya inside it.

Sanya looked as being inside the shawl, their was a perfect gap between them. She smiled seeing how cute gentlemen he is.

But ridhima wasn’t liking the growing liking of Sanya towards vansh as she know vansh still loves her and will not ever accept Sanya she determined that she’ll make Sanya understand that not to get attached to vansh ….

“So let’s start , baithe baithe bore huye karna hai kuch kaam shuru karo antakshari leke Prabhu ka naam ” Arjun said moving his finger to everyone and it ended at ridhima .

Ridhima chalo tumpe aya gao m se.. ‘ said baani pasing Mike to her .

Ridhima sung main teri ho gayi..

She sung this song holding rehaan’s hand and they both were romancing while vansh was burning in jealousy.

Then like this everyone sang there part of sings and now it was vansh’s turn he sung

He was continuously staring Riddhima while Sanya found something odd then finally , Everyone departed to their rooms around 12 in the night. Sanya looked out of the window with a smile.

“I guess… I found him, love of my life, Vansh…..”

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