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Note: Riddhima is not an orphan here & here Vansh is an orphan . He have Sia his sibling & chacha – Chachi . No Aryan,Ishani & Dadi
Let’s start.
So Riddhima is in treating patients. As she is physiotherapist . Next pateint come .
Patient:Ms Riddhima My legs are not working properly. Pls check them.
Riddhima:ok Mr
Patient: Akash (who thinks it is Vansh tell me in inline comments)
Riddhima was going check his legs but her phone rings. She goes to pick her phone . But that Akash was trying to misbehave with Riddhima. So she give tight slap to him . Everyone gathered .
Akash:I didn’t did anything she slapped without any reason
Riddhima:he is lieing .
Manager: Riddhima just get out & no need come for from tomorrow onwards
Riddhima’s house
Jiya:(Riddhima’s younger sister) Dad knows everything what happened hospital I messaged you but you didn’t saw.
Riddhima:Let’s see what will happened?
Ajay:(Riddhima’s Dad)(shouting)What the hell Riddhima what happened in hospital . From now onwards you are going hospital
Riddhima:but dad (Ajay interuppted)
Ajay :enough
Uma:(Riddhima’s mom) Shut up Riddhima
Ajay:Uma find boy for her marriage
Riddhima was shocked by this confession of his father
Riddhima:(crying)Dad pls
Ajay:shut up
After marriage
At night
Riddhima was sitting on bed suddenly a man come in room
Riddhima:you can sleep on bed I am going on couch .
Man: no need we can sleep on bed we are husband – wife
Riddhima:ok ji
Man:stop this ji,Aap you can call me by name Vansh
Riddhima:ok Vansh
Next morning
Riddhima has came down after getting ready but somethings is missing that is her smile but no one noticed that expect Vansh.
Sia:wha you will make
Riddhima:mmm meethibaat

To be continued
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