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Bigg Boss 15 14th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 104
4 PM
Shamita tells the inmates that if they want to fight over who would be a shopkeeper then I can’t do anything. I will just count whoever gives the spare part first. Karan says I am confused. Shamita tells the inmates to stay out of the shop before the buzzer plays and don’t hold the parts. Rakhi says we have to fight to get in the shop. Shamita says it won’t work like this. Pratik tries to attack Tejasswi so Karan asks her to be careful. Tejasswi blocks Pratik and says you are charging at me. The buzzer plays and Rakhi gives the part to Pratik while all others are fighting to get in the shop. Shamita says Rakhi gave the part to Pratik first. Nishant says I went in the shop first. Tejasswi says Rakhi was already in the shop which is not allowed. Tejasswi says Rakhi cheated. Shamita says let me talk, Rakhi gave the part while you were all fighting. Tejasswi says are you serious? They have to enter the shop after the buzzer plays, Rakhi was already inside. Karan says Rakhi was cheating, you can’t take her side. Rakhi says you were all fighting and I gave the part already. Tejasswi says Shamita decided that she will count the person who enters the shop after the buzzer plays but she is changing her stance now. Shamita says they were all inside the shop so I can’t do anything. Karan says Shamita is going against her own rules. Devo says Shamita clarified that we have to stay out of the shop but we didn’t that’s why she is changing her rules. Tejasswi says she didn’t clarify it. Shamita tells Tejasswi that you can still break Pratik’s cycle. Tejasswi says you can play fairly but you are not. Shamita says I made a rule that I will count whoever enters the shop after the buzzer plays but you all went in before the buzzer so I couldn’t do anything.

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