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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 19th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nupur finding Milind upset. She says I m so sorry Milind, I know I made a big mistake by trusting that liar Hira, don’t get upset, please. He says its okay, you didn’t need to get desperate to find Chiku’s parents, the results can be bad, Chiku will thinks she is a burden on us that we want to get rid of, what’s the need to find her parents when we love her. She says its needed, we are happy with her, is she happy, is the family accepting her, she isn’t getting the love here, she is criticized every day, when she grows up, then she will get troubled by these things. He says she will win Tai’s heart by her goodness. Nupur says I don’t think Tai will accept her. He says Hira cheated your trust, I m not proud of your trust now, Hira escaped, it means none of the kids are safe, not even our girls. She says sorry, don’t leave me alone. He says I always supported you, you made your own way, its a dangerous way, you chose that way, congrats. He goes. She says don’t say this, what shall I do to rectify my mistake. Chiku comes and gets kada for her. She says weather is bad, you were outside for long, don’t cry, I love you a lot, have the kada. Nupur says sorry, I really made a big mistake. Chiku says no, its my mistake. Nupur says its not your mistake. Chiku says I wish that Hira doesn’t steal any other Payal for other Nupur. Nupur thinks no…. Chiku prays. She asks Nupur to have the kada. She thinks mum went there to find my parents. She prays that Nupur finds the truth on her own.

Chiku goes to everyone. Kamini taunts her and calls her a problem. She says you all won’t know this. She plays the news of police search for Hira. Chiku says I didn’t send Nupur there. Mini says you told her to find your family. Kamini and Mini blame Chiku. Nupur looks on. Tai asks Mini to come and pray with her. She hugs Mini. Nupur thinks I will end your tension, you both won’t get punished for my mistake. She leaves from the house. She comes to the police station. She thinks I wish my family stays safe, I will admit my mistake. Some goons come there and kidnap her. Milind is in the havan puja. Aai asks her to call Nupur. Mini and Tai say its good that Nupur isn’t here. Chiku prays. Nupur shouts leave me, where am I. Hira comes to her. She says you thought I cheated you, no, you got me out of the jail, I will also keep my promise. Nupur asks who are Chiku’s parents. Hira asks how is Chiku related to you. Tai says Nupur is a trouble for us. Mini says she doesn’t love me, don’t know where she went. Hira asks what will you do knowing about her parents. Nupur says we had a deal, I did my work, you didn’t do your work. Hira says I ran away from the jail, you could have got arrested, I did a favor on you.

Nupur says please tell me about Chiku’s parents. Hira says I will tell you, if her parents forgot her and are staying with some other girl, then… Nupur says no, tell me else I will… Hira says I got scared, you are worried for Chiku, not your daughter Payal. Nupur asks how did she come in between, I just want to know about Chiku. Everyone is doing the puja. Hira says let me tell you. Nupur says I know you are clever, you want to distract me, tell me about Chiku. Hira says I will tell you, why will I hide, your daughter Mini isn’t your daughter, understood. Nupur scolds her and says tell me about Chiku. Hira asks what’s the use. Nupur says just tell me. Hira says you should know more imp thing, Mini isn’t your daughter, believe it or not, why do I care. Nupur says no, you are lying. Hira asks why do I need you now, I came to keep my promise, tell me, I will go now. Nupur says wait, answer me first, who are Chiku’s parents. Hira sits back. He says no lies, its truth, Mini isn’t your daughter.

Nupur comes home and says Milind, I m saying the truth, Mini is not Payal. Kamini says its proved by DNA test. Nupur says no, she isn’t my daughter. Chiku thinks mum got to know the truth.

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