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RadhaKrishn 31st January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopis gets worried when Krishna falls down from tree and injures himself. They say they will carry Krishna on their shoulder. Krishna acts and denies. They forcefully support and take him along. He walks smiling. Yashoda feels angry thinking she prepared a feast for Kanha with a lot of hard work, but he didn’t come to have it; she will punish him once he returns. Krishna returns acting injured. She gets concerned and makes him sit asking if Radha and Gopis didn’t help him. He says they are bringing medicine for him. Radha and Gopis bring turmeric and herbs for him. Yashoda grinds them into paste. Radha brings turmeric milk for him while Gopis massage him. He thinks he easily calmed them down with his trick; thinks Dau went to fight with asur and is peacefully resting.

Balram snores peacefully. Saambh, Nishat, and Pradyumna fume seeing that. Balram dreams of feast and heads towards it when Kanha walks to him and says he was waiting for him to return to Vrindavan as he wants to return to Dwarka and take care of it. Balram says asur/monster escaped form his trap, he must have had his food and hence he is energetic. Krishna suggests him to remember his guru during tough times. Balram agrees and heads towards food instead. Krishna stops him and himself starts eating. Balram wakes up blabbering his food. Saambh says as told he was dreaming about food. They all 3 say they will go and bring Krishna to tackle asur. Balram scolds them to stay back and says he found a solution for their problem and is going to meet his guru to seek help.

Krishna thinks Balram is doing his duty, he can enjoy the service. He asks Radha to bring butter for him. Gopis bring herbal paste for Kanha’s back. They both argue if he will have food first or get herb on his back. Balram with all 3 of them visits guru Sandipani’s ashram. Sandipani is amazed to see him and says he got a dream where Krishna suggested to help his student Balram. Balram says even he got same dream, it is Kanha’s leela/magic. Sandipani says then there is a deep meaning to it.

Nand notices Kanha acting and says even he wants to serve his Kanha, so he brought herbal paste for him. Radha, Gopis, and Yashoda walk away. Nand tells Kanha that he knows Kanha is acting and wants him to teach him how to tackle Yashoda. Kanha suggests him to use his emotional quotient and make the opponent feel that he needs their service. Nand walks to Yashoda and says he is having severe leg pain, so she should apply herbal paste on his feet. She denies and asks him to rest as she needs to make Kanha’s food arrangements for tomorrow. Nand feels disappointed while Kanha taunts him.

Precap: Saambh, Nishat, and Pradyumna fight with asur. Asur traps them in a pit and thratens to inform Kanha’s location. Saambh says Krishna is in Vrindavan. Asur heads towards Vrindavan.

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