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RadhaKrishn 8th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna feels happy and plays bansuri. Radha walks to him and says he played such a sweet music. Krishna says he played it for her. Radha gets happy hearing that and asks if he needs anything. He says butter. She goes to get butter. He thinks he will enjoy maiya’s prepared kesar milk first and then Radha’s butter. Nand hearing his conversation hiding thinks he is fooling everyone by saying he loves them most and makes them serve him. Gopis walk to him and take him to serve them. They massage him with essential flower oils to lessen his pain. Kanha says he loves Gopis the most. Nand hearing that fumes that Kanha is fooling even Gopis and hopes Balram also is enjoying feast like Kanha.

Balram and his boys get tired washing clothes and doing other chores in Sandipani’s ashram. Sandipani scolds them. Balram says they are warriors and not habituated to hard work, requests to give them some food. Sandinpani says they will not get food till evening and asks them to press his hands and feet. They obey him. He continues scolding them and falls asleep. Balram writes a letter to Nand describing what Kanha did and sends it via a messenger. Nand gets worried for Balram reading it and thinks of teaching Kanha a lesson.

A monster gets out of his cave to take his food from villagers and asks who dared to kill his friend Nrigasur. They inform Krishna killed Nrigasur. Monster heads towards Vrindavan. Nand manipulates Gopi and asks her to test Kanha that he loves her the most by seeking a special precious flower which blooms once in 50 years.

Precap: Nand asks Krishna where is he going. Krishna says to get a precious flower from next village. Nand asks how will he give 1 single flower to Gopis, Yashoda, and Radha. Monster attacks Vrindavan.

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