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Anupama 26th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama tongue lashes Vanraj that he has a big company, money, and opportunity, even then he is not happy as he finds happiness in other’s loss and not his win, She says he must be thinking how can she and Anuj be happy, how they are managing their work, why didn’t they lose or break down. She calls him by name. He frowns. She says his name is not that bad, he should be thankful that she took his name and not degraded him much. He asks why did she come here. She says to remind him that he can do whatever he wants to, even then he cannot win as Sri Ram will be Sri Ram whether he stays in Ayodha, Lanka, or jungle; his problem is he thinks he got everything by getting a seat, but the value is not of a seat but a person sitting on it; Anuj’s value will not decrease even if he sits on the floor. She asks if he is afraid, he should as he knows he is wrong and his opponent is right; he should be habituated to his fear as he has to live with it forever; Anuj backed off for Mukku and she backed off for Anuj and Mukku, but that doesn’t mean they are behind; he won’t realize when will they leave him behind, just wait and watch. He shouts how dare you. She says she hasn’t shown her daringness yet.

Vanraj calls security and orders them to kick her out. Guards back off and say he can remove them from job, but they cannot misbehave with Anuj sir’s Anupama madam. Anu asks if heard that nobody can touch Anuj’s Anupama, she tried to explain him that Anuj rules on people’s heart and even if he calls whole building people, nobody would touch her as its Anuj’s real Anuj. She points a warning finger at him and walks away.

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