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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 3rd March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kashi arrives at Chhatrapati’s palace but guards stop her. Kashi pleads with them for her family. Chhatrapati allows her to meet him.

The governor tells Balaji that I will free you all but I won’t spare that Kashi. I will make her my slave. Baji shouts at him so the governor says we will lock him in a cell. Radha cries.

Kashi comes to Chhatrapati and says my family is in trouble. Chhatrapati says he was a fool to be trapped like that. Kashi says I know he did a mistake but Balaji is an honorable man. Chhatrapati says I don’t doubt his intentions but I can’t give 70K coins from the treasure, I can send soldiers. Kashi says it will put them more in trouble. I promise you that we will find a solution, just keep trusting Balaji and his family. She leaves from there.

The governor tells Baji’s brother Chima that I will kill you. Balaji is scared for his other son and shouts. The governor comes there and says I didn’t do anything with him till now if I got get my coins then I will kill you all. The soldier comes there and says Chhatrapati said no to give coins to us. Balaji says he can’t do that. The governor says he must be angry at your actions, let’s see what Kashi will do now. Baji prays for Kashi to not take the wrong action.

Kashi comes to a Guru and says I am worried for my family. He tells her to not worry, everything will be fine. Kashi decides to go and meet her father. She sends a message at home. Krishna says she did well by going to meet her baba. Annu thinks if Kashi arranges the coins then she will think she owns us.

The governor tells Baji that I am sure Kashi will go to her father now but we will kidnap her and bring her here. I will make her my slave.

Kashi meets her family, she cries and says I need those coins. Her mother says you have been fighting alone, we should have been there for you. Shuibai says her family did a mistake so Kashi should stay here and we can protect her. Her father says they are our inlaws, we have to help them. He goes from there. Shuibai tells her brother that baba is wrong, don’t let them give coins.

Kashi’s brother comes to his father and says we can’t give away these coins, you are my father also so you can’t give all these coins to Kashi. His father slaps him and asks him to get lost. Shuibai hears all that.

Kashi’s father tells her that I have arranged the coins, let’s go. Shuibai says we are losing wealth for Kashi’s inlaws who tortures her, she blamed us earlier interfering in her married life and now she wants our help? Shuibai says I don’t mind giving away this wealth but Kashi should tell her mother-in-law that we arranged this wealth to save their lives. We did a favor on her.

Radha tells Balaji that Kashi will arrange coins from her family and it will be insulting for us. I would rather die. Baji says Kashi shouldn’t have asked for coins from her father, she should have trusted her husband to do something. Balaji says Kashi is doing everything to save us, we can pay them back once we are free. Radha says Kashi will taunt us that she bought us.

Kashi’s father tells Kashi to not listen to Shuibai. Kashi’s brother says Shuibai is right, we have a right on these coins too. Kashi tells her father that I came here to ask for help but I can’t ask for favors, I will free my inlaws but I don’t need your wealth. They will be free with respect. Her father says how will you arrange these coins? Kashi says I will try something but I can’t take your wealth.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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