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Spy Bahu 15th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sejal does pooja. Her family comes. She says I will work hard for my dad. I am going away from house for the first time. Minal says she’s going away for the first time. She made me the the mom. Sejal leaves. Sara says our daughter will do well. Her brother gives her chocolates. Sejal drops her bag. She leaves. Sejal falls from the bus. She comes to a big house. Sejal looks around. The house is all decorated. SHe says it’s such a big house. A man asks who are you? She gives her intro. He says better stay with your team. She says sure.

The old man’s friend sells samosas but is a spy actually. Sejal sees the staff getting instructions. The manager says to Sejal wear something high class. Why are you wearing leggings under skirt? She says I am not used to it. He says do it. Sejal says this is so weird. SHe takes off the leggings and says things that I’ve to do. She sees the heels. Sejal comes to the venue. She falls ina room. She sees many things around. She sees a kid’s photo with his mom. She hears a man saying I like everything perfect. Sejal sneaks out. He asks his manager who came here? My photo is lying down. The madam shouts where is sparkling water? What are these cheap flowers? I want eveything white and gold. The manager asks Sejal to arrange them. She says I can’t even walk.

Sejal cleans the pool. Yuhan comes there. He goes in the pool. Sejal hides. SHe gets hiccups. He says get water. Pakhi says what sparkling water? He says just water. Dehli isn’t that bad. Sejal ties his robe around her legs and runs. He says who is she. His sister comes and says it’s mom dad’s anniversary party. Aren’t you ready? He says do they know what it means to be parents? Shrishti says please for 10 minutes. he says theme is white right?

Scene 2
The old man and his partner say there are no CCTV inside. Sejal is inside. The party starts. Aarun and Veera Danda come in. They come to the party. She says happy anniversary mom and dad. They get gifts. A man gets drunj. He’s her husband. She stops him. He says hey beautiful. She says Sher, please. I am trying so hard to get you dad’s place. You can’t stop drinking. He says I am not an idiot. She says you have to be with Yuhan to get that place in the company. Sher wishes them. Another guy comes in wearing floral coat. He is their son Krish. CM comes too. They welcome him. He introduces his son Sher, Eshal, Krish and Shrishti. Eshal says let’s take a family photo with him. They all ignore Shrishti. Eshal removes Shrishti’s hand from her stomach. She leaves in tears. Yuhan stops her. He says bhabhi if you are done should I start? He’s just in towel. Shrishti stops him. He wipes her tears. Sejal is confused. Yuhan says my sister is perfect like my mom. They’re only 2 perfect people here. This my mom’s sister is imperfect. My mom’s husband Aarun Danda is perfect. Who got married right after my mother’s dead. He says Krish are you my brother or cousin? You’re both my father and my aunt’s son. Aarun says chagne your clothes. Yuhan says I am following the theme. It’s white. Happy anniversary. Eshal smirts.

Sher gets drunk and says where is my drink? Eshal calms him down. He collides with Sejal. Eshal says can’t you see? Sejal says you came first. Eshal says you are fired. The spies say she’s fired. She’s leaving the house. What will we do now? Sejal leaves the house. She’s in tears. Her dad calls her. Sejal sees someone sneaking in the house. Sejal runs back in. The spy says I knew this plan would work. Sejal comes back in and looks for that. She recalls everything he was wearing. She follows him and finds him. Sejal says stop.. you.. He runs. sejal says thief. Guards run after him. Sejal falls. They see his pen dropped. They close all doors. Sejal says I didn’t want to ruin the party. The manager asks her to wait inside. THey check all the staff.

episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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