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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 21st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone gives Priya blessings. Gopika prays. Priya brings yogurt and spills it on her saree. Nikhila says are you out of your mind? Priya says I was also giving her blessings. Gopika says I know you didn’t want me to wear yellow saree. I have another one that my mom gave me. Gopika leaves. Everyone says to Priya you will lose. Saksham drops Gopika. He says 20 minutes are left. Gopika says thank you for fulfilling my dreams. Saksham hugs her.

Aashi asks Priya why are you sitting in the window? Wanna suicide after Gopika does the best in exam? Priya says you will see who wins. Priya says I am waiting for sun. Clouds come. Priya says where did the sun go.

Scene 2
Gopika sits in the exam hall. Examiner says the exam will start in 15 minutes. Keep your bags here. Sin comes out. Priya laughs. Sun falls on Gopika. She sees her saree with all the answers on it. Gopika realizes sun is making it visible. She asks examiner to change her seat. He says sit at your seat. A girl asks is everything okay Gopika di? Gopika goes out and calls Saksham. She says are you home? Please get me a saree. Saksham comes to the washroom. He says where can I get saree from? She shows him her saree in sunlight. Gopika says get saree please.

Nikhila prays for Gopika. Minal says she’s worked so hard. Ramila comes. Nikhila says what are you wearing? Aashi says expensive saree? She says got it from sale. She says I cam to congratulate on Gopika’s exams. Nikhila says I know how well do you think for her. I know how much you care about her. Ramila makes them eat sweets. Sumatra comes. Ramila gets scared. Sumatra says you.. I want the sweets too. ramila gives it to her. She leaves. Nikhila says why did you get scared seeing her? Ramila says Aashi told me she’s not well. Ramila leaves.

Scene 3
Saksham asks a woman I want a saree. She says get lost. Saksham is worried. He says only 5 minutes are left. He asks the other woman. She scolds him. Saksham says to Gopika where do I get it frmo? Gopika cries. He says don’t cry please. I have an idea.

Sumatra recalls Ramila’s face and draws it. Aashi comes. She says I am making it of that woman. See.. Aashi sees Ramila’s face. she’s shocked. She says it’s mummy. Sumatra says show it to Nikhila ji. Aashi throws it in bin.
Papers are distributed. Examiner says Gopika will be marked abset.

Episode ends

Precap-Priya faints everyone and locks Gopika in a hotel room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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