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Woh Toh Hai Albela 23rd March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanha asks Chiru whose call was it. Chiru says no one. Kanha shows his phone and says the number is saved. Chiru asks him to first answer why he is so upset. Kanha asks if he is hiding anything from him. Chiru asks what does he mean. Saroj walks towards the room. Nakul signals them. Saroj asks what is happening and knocks on the door. Chiru opens the door. Saroj asks what is happening. Chiru says brothers were talking Saroj says lets mother and son talk now and take him along. Kanha sends Nakul to hear their conversation. Saroj asks Chiru why he didn’t reply to such a good alliance. Chiru remembers Sayuri and hesitantly says he cannot marry as he is not ready to marry so soon without thinking. Kanha walks down and asks what he wants to think, why he doesn’t want to marry. Chirus says he doesn’t want to marry there, he means let them get Kusum married first. Dhanraj and Dadaji asks Saroj not to force him. Krishna says they can fix the alliance somewhere else and says there cannot be any secret between brothers.

Sayuri gets worried that Kanha will ruin everything like always. Rashmi tries to calm her down. Sayuri tries to call Chiru and says if something happens this time because of Kanha, she wil not spare him. Rashmi calls Nakul. He stands tensed noticing her call. Kanha insists Chiru to tell if he likes any girl. Saroj asks Chiru to reply. Chiru says he is fixing a business deal in London and would be busy stabiliizing his business, so he doesn’t want to marry so soon. He walks away. Dhanraj and Dadaji ask Saroj not to pester Chiru anymore as he just returned home yesterday. Saroj says she realized her mistake and will not talk about marriage until he himself wants to marry.

Rashmi tells Sayrui that mom and daadi have gone to market, so she will go and bring Chiru. Chiru calls her. Kanha breaks Sayuri’s house window glasses remembering Sayuri’s warning him that she will marry only Chiru. Chiru gets worried for her. She says his brother is breaking window glasses as he found out about us. Ball hits her hand and her mobile falls down. Chiru continues attacking with ball. Chiru interferes and hugging him requests to listen to him once. Kanha denies. Chiru asks Nakul to inform Maa that Kanha is making a blog and takes Kanha along.

Saroj notices Dhanraj reading Balwant’s book and says he was a talented sculpture and now is busy only with books. He says she has problem seeig him reading Baldwant’s book and says he and Balwant had promsied to keep the stone under their feet and not let their friendship break. She says she is worried for him and offers tea. He says she speaks something and then changes her words.

Rashmi and Sayuri pick broken glass pieces. Rashmi assures Sayuri not to worry as Chiru will handle the issue. Sayuri says Kanha will ruin everything as always. Indrani and Daadi return and get concerned seeing broken glasses. Sayuri says Kanha broke then. Daadi says they wanted to replace old glasses and will now install new glasses because of Kanha. Rashmi says daadi is right. Chiru on the other side tries to calm down Kanha. Kanha asks why didn’t Sayuri reveal before that she loves Chiru. Dhanraj tries to explain Saroj to let Chiru marry the girl he loves. Chiru tells Kanha that he truly loves Sayuri. Kanha demands him to break up with Suyuri. Chiru denies and says Suyuri is his life now.

Precap: Kanha informs Saroj about Sayuri and Chiru’s relationship. Saroj warns Sayuri to stay away from her son or else she will punish her.

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