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Sakshi apologizes to Yatharth saying she cannot love with his father anymore and is shifting to the school quarters, if he wants to come and visit her then can come to the school quarters, Yatharth takes out the clothes from the suitcase saying she will not go anywhere and he is going to talk with his father, Manav mentions he has not asked anyone to leave so will also not stop anyone and those who desire can leave, Sakshi mam says she did not stay with her own desire but he was the one who requested her to stay, she was living here but did not have any identity as he would with his own desire make her a teacher and the guest but she is not going to stay here anymore, Yatharth hugs Sakshi mam insisting that she will not leave, she requests him to let her go but he doesnot move away. Manav thinks when Sakshi mam informed they would have to say some bad words in order to make the argument look real but he must rest assured as it will be just an act and she doesnot have any bad feeling for him, Manav thinks she is doing such a brilliant acting that all of her words are seeming real and he thinks he must continue, Manav says they both can leave as no one is stopping them, Manav asks yatho to come but he doesnot leave her, Manav then holds yatho in his arms when Ayesha requests him to let Yatho go but Manav starts taking him away even when he is struggling his best, Sakshi mam is not able to move from her place. She is just crying while looking how Manav is taking yatho away.

Yatharth calls Sakshi mam and is constantly struggling with Manav but he takes Yatho into the room closing the door, Manav tries to struggle taking him to the bed yet he is just calling Sakshi mam, she reaching the door exclaims that they both would meet in the school and she loves him Parth, Yatho in anger exclaims he hates her Sakshi mam, she is left heartbroken hearing this so turns back while Manav is still trying his best to calm down Yatharth.

Sakshi mam is still crying while standing beside Malti aunti and is not able to control her tears, she walks out of the house with the bags leaving them all, Sakshi mam once again turns back to see the house when Malti aunti asks her the time when the cab will arrive. Sakshi mam is thinking when Manav supported her in front of the entire society, Manav is also thinking when Sakshi mam said that she was living here because he asked her to recalling which Manav is not able to control himself and so rushes to Sakshi mam requesting her to not leave this house for the sake of her identity and tat of Yatho, he requests her to stay with him while being Misses Bajpayee but then Sakshi hears the car horn so she wakes up from the day dream and then asks Malti aunti to come, they both leave while Akanksha sees them leaving from her car, she in excitement calls Vibhav explaining she has a really good news for him so informs that Sakshi has left Manav and exited from Yatharth life, Vibhav advises her to once again make her position in his life.
Sakshi mam gets out of the car sitting in the corner, she while crying apologizes to Parth for all that happened, Malti aunti exclaims she is also crying for Manav today. Sakshi mam continues to cry meanwhile Manav in the room is trying his best to console Yatharth but he suddenly takes a step back from Manav exclaiming he hates him. Manav is left stunned.

Akanksha reaches the house when Vibhav coming congratulates her for the new achievement, Akanksha replies that she got tensed when she lost the case as she thought Manav would be like this forever but now when Sakshi left his house then she feels that she has once again gotten a chance, she informs that neither Manav nor Yatharth came to drop her off at the cab, it was worthwhile to see her face and she feels that Sakshi would have been pushed out of the house. Akanksha explains yatho ignored her in front of Sakshi and humiliated her then where was his cuteness, he explains she felt humiliated when Vibhav replies they would have to take revenge. Vibhav asks if she knows who made the drama of Miss Manav in his party, Akanksha starts smiling. Vibhav says she must think what happens in the future because he is going to make sure Manav stands on the road begging while Akanksha will have everything, she thanks him for it all when Vibhav mentions they should never celebrate before hand but he can only make Yatho come stand in front of her but she has to make sure Yatharth gets away from Manav, Vibhav exclaims Manav would lose everything when he doesnot have Yatho or Sakshi. Akanksha asks him to wait to see what she does, they both hug each other.

Sakshi mam is crying in the room, Malti aunti sits beside her when Sakshi mam explains that life has ruined her desires to the extent that she is scared of seeing any new dream, she only sees her past in any new hope which she gets, she feels every happiness has ended in her life. Malti aunti explains that she will give her the advice to always make sure she holds the string of her own happiness as she must never put the pressure on anyone else, Sakshi mam gets a message from Manav who thanks her for all the support.

Yatharth in anger tears the poster explaining that he thought that he would give the poster to Sakshi mam but never thought she will leave him, Manav requests Ayesha who replies that she never thought he would have anything which is more important then Yatho but today he has proved that he cares for himself, he has today not only hurt Yatho but also her emotions, she leaves while Yatho explains he is really busy and so cannot talk. Yatho separates both the fishes who are in the same pot mentioning they can get used to staying alone, Manav gets really worried seeing his behavior.

Malti aunti is with Sakshi mam while she is sleeping, she prays what sort of justice is this since Bhagwan takes a lot of tests of Sakshi when she is awake and then also is causing her to be restless while she is sleeping. Manav enters the room while Yatharth is sleeping, Manav receives a call from Akanksha who requests Manav to let her speak with yatho since it has been so long, she would talk with her son during his presence. Manav thinks about what happened so explains that if he lets Yatho meet Akanksha as he would be really vulnerable emotionally, he ends the call.

In the morning Yatho wakes up rushing to the room of Sakshi mam but he realizes that she has left the house, Sakshi mam also gets tensed suddenly seeing the time so calls Parth to hurry, she also realizes she has shifted to the school quarters.

Precap: Sakshi mam reaches the school, she sees Yatharth passing by her who calls her as mam hearing which she gets tensed. Manav requests the principal if the orientation can be delayed but she mentions it must happen today. Manav mentions he is going to request Sakshi mam however the principal replies Sakshi mam said she will not give any student undue attention. Manav is shocked hearing if Sakshi mam said this for Yatharth.

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