Afreen Alvi opens up on quitting Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar Mein – Telly Updates

Actress Afreen Alvi recently quit the show, Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar Mein. The actress was feeling exhausted and homesick.

During a recent interview with BT, the actress talked about it and shared, “This was the first time I shot for so long and that, too, at a stretch. After a point, I wanted to take a break and try something new after a while. I needed a break. I felt homesick and I wanted to meet my family.”

She added, “The production house was nice and the unit was quite cooperative. I never felt that it was a professional setup, but more like home. Though I left midway, I informed them way in advance. I shot the last episode on April 23 but had informed the makers of my decision 45 days prior. I was feeling depressed because of the schedule. I felt strongly that I needed a break and should meet my family in my hometown, Delhi. I wanted to travel with my friends. Meri social life compromise ho rahi thi. There were some personal reasons as well, which I wouldn’t want to divulge.”

Afreen is planning to return to work after a month or two. “I will be in the clear about my track and how long it will run. This experience has made me understand how TV functions,” she said.

Actress Reema Worah has replaced Afreen in the show. When asked if she has watched Reema’s performance on the show, Afreen replied, “I watched a few episodes in the beginning, as I was curious to know who the new Maya was. It takes a while to get into the skin of the character. But whatever I saw of her, she was good,” she concluded.

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