Though Rudra covered himself with blanket, he wasn’t able to sleep. He wake up from bed and switch on the table lamp. He started working on his laptop and seeing him like these Sowmya also wake up from bed.

Sowmya : Rudra, You didn’t sleep yet ?

Rudra : I have lost my sleep, my dreams everything. When you are with me there is no chance of getting a peaceful sleep for me. So please mind your own business.

Sowmya : I am your wife , Rudra. Why don’t you understand ?

Rudra : Oh!! Really so now you are imposing the rights of a wife , just now only you said you are here for a week only. But I guess you likes to trap me more.

Sowmya : Please Rudra, don’t think like that . I told from heart, not from brain. I will take care next time when I will speak to you.

Rudra : Sleep well, Good night.

Sowmya : I am not able to sleep , Rudra.

Rudra : See I have an important presentation tomorrow at my company . I can’t lose that one at any cost as it’s a matter of promotion.

Sowmya : Can I have a look on that ?

Rudra : Why ? Just want to show that you have better post than me , I am just in the Marketing Head whereas you are a CEO of a  company. That’s what impressed my dad also because of your professional skills he ignored me saying that you have reached in high position at a very young age.

Sowmya : You are completely misinterrupting things. Rudra your dad was impressed because I am doing job  I am in a good position

Rudra : Of course, your dad is working in abroad and there is no question of rejecting you in any manner. But for me you are a rejected piece.

Sowmya : That’s your view regarding me , it hurts me a lot, Rudra. You judge me on my looks only.

Rudra : What you want to say ? Mujhe Mahaan banne kaa koyi shauk nahi , dekho bhai saab maine ek moti ladki se shaadi kee hein. Dekho…dekho…

Sowmya ; Enough, Rudra. There is a limit to bear insults, Even I can also mock you at your state, you haven’t paid the loans which you took from bank, even after 5 years of career you are still the same Marketing agent, neither you became head, nor you was selected for any betterment projects. Your salary is less than off mine. Is it enough or should I say more ?

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Rudra became silent.

Sowmya ; What happened ? I said the truth only , I never would have told these things openly to you , but you only forced me to utter this. Rudra if you judge me on my looks then I can also judge you on the basis of your professionalism. But I won’t do that because I respect the dignity of each and every job. Right from the small scale to the bigger authority whatever a person works he is definitely contributing his life to his family , this society and I respect each of them , you also as you are an earning member who works hard to look after your family.

Rudra : Sowmya …..woh…

Sowmya : Finally I was able to hear my name from you, that’s enough .

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Now show me the presentation. I want to see it.

Rudra pointed his finger on the laptop screen. Sowmya sat there and started going through it.

Sowmya ; Put a chair and sit beside me ,I will explain what all things you need to change in this one.

Before her commanding words Rudra was unable to say anything as opposing her, he sat beside her in a chair.

Sowmya started telling the errors and changes of Rudra’s presentation. Rudra started following it. Within an hour the whole presentation was changed . Rudra was much wondered to see the massive change of his work.

Rudra : I never thought that this project can be done in better way. Thanks Sowmya

Soumya Rudra Singh Oberoi... - Soumya Rudra Singh Oberoi

Sowmya ; It’s okay, Rudra. You just sleep well so that tomorrow with a fresh mind you can do the best. Best of Luck

Rudra smiled and looked her. Sowmya wasn’t able to look at Rudra’s eyes…She controlled her tears and said: Good night Rudra.

Next day morning 

Sowmya prepared coffee and kept it on table .

Rudra sipped coffee

Rudra : It’s nice.

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Sowmya smiled

Rudra : So now today is the 6th day which means 5 days more after that we both are apart . Hey naa ?

Sowmya didn’t said anything.

Tej ; What are you telling Rudra ?

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Sowmya : Dad that’s a deal between me and Rudra. After my dad’s arrival I will be going with him.

Rudra : Exactly, Sowmya will get more opportunities in abroad, it’s actually good.

Jhanvi : Rudra, she is your wife, how can you say her to leave like these ?

Sowmya : Mom this decision was mine, not your son’s.

Dadi : Sowmya !!!

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Sowmya : I will miss you all literally.

Tej ; This duffer has hurt you and for that reason you are leaving us , don’t mind my son’s words.

Sowmya ; If he can’t find me as his wife , his love then what’s the use of staying together ? I am also a human being , I can’t scream always demanding my rights Dad.

Sowmya rushed inside the room with teary eyes and locked room from inside.

Jhanvi : Sowmya !!

Rudra : I am getting late, I need to go office.

Jhanvi : You don’t have any sort of feelings ? She has locked herself inside in room . You won’t ask her anything ?

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Rudra : You all supports her naa , then deal with it. After all you all bought her , not me .

Tej : You are not going , Rudra

Rudra : Dad please , stop blocking me like these. I need to go

Dadi : Rehane de puthar, He doesn’t know what he is going to lost. When he will realize it he will feel regret for doing that.

Rudra : Whatever it be ,I am going.

Rudra goes to office. The response from the authorities was massive when he was doing presentation.

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Boss : Rudra , congrats you really took this project to next level. I find much wonder where was your creative ideas , you should have applied it earlier .

Rudra : Sir what are you saying ?

Boss : Yes Rudra, the outlook itself is changed, it’s a new one . Eariler you randonly presented things, which may have many errors and sometimes repeatitions also. But this time you done a proof reading and put everything as perfect and excellent. I am sure when we will submot this in business meet our company’s position will be on another level. Rudra I am really impressed and guess what when I will give you this one you will be on cloudnine.

Rudra : What’s this ?

Boss : Just open it , Rudra

Rudra opens the letter and gets surprised .

Rudra : Sir this is

Boss : Your promotion letter. You are appointed as the Manager of Marketing Team. See Rudra this is a beginning . If you keeps doing better you will get better position and one day may be you will come to my post too.

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Rudra : Sir !! Thank you, I struggled for this almost 5 years and finally it;s in my hands. Sir whatever happened it’s because my wife Sowmya helped me in doing this one.

Boss : Your wife !! Rudra you got married also ?But you didn’t said it ?

Rudra : I was ashamed of telling it as she is a fat girl. That’s why I lied in office that I am ill , actually that day only my marriage happened.

Boss : Who is your wife ?

Rudra : Sir , She is the CEO of Kapoor Industries , Sowmya .

Boss ; What ? Rudra, you are so lucky to have her in life. See without any complex she genuinely helped you and the outcome was excellent. Sowmya is a well known name among the companies for her skills and good behaviour.

Rudra : I know sir, but I judged her by her looks .

Boss :Rudra let me ask you one thing ? When you was born to this world your Mom wasn’t hesitant to look you, that time you was a baby, who doesn’t know anything . She bought up you without thinking anything. When you cried, when you fell down , when you doesn’t know to keep you hygeine she wasn’t hesitant to do all those for you despite of spending time for herself. She would have denied you saying that I am not supposed to look a baby, but she didn’t ditd it .That’s the selfless love of a mother , Rudra. A man get that love in another form and it’s through his wife only. She will look you like a mom, she will stand with you as a friend and will take care off you well. See when baby comes mom never sees the colour, looks , what she sees is her baby’s face and baby’s heart only. And the same son when grows up keeps judging on his partner based on looks, imagine if your mom would have done that to you, then you have never been a grow up person like these.

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Rudra : Sir, I realize my mistake, I am sorry.

Bosss : If you realize it then go and correct it. Show this letter and express your grattitude to her.

Rudra : Sure Sir.

Rudra picks the letter and rushed towards his home.

Rudra screamed : Sowmya!!

Dadi ; She is not here, she has went with Tej and Jhanvi to meet Advocate.

Rudra : What ?

Dadi : We can’t force her to stay here, when she didn’t get the respect and right why should she will stay here ? After you left she locked the room for a long, finally she came out saying the decision of divorce.

Rudra : Divorce !!

Dadi : If you consider her as your wife for any single moment then please go and meet her.

Rudra’s eyes went teary  . He rushed to the spot .

Advocate : I think you are taking decision in hurry.

Sowmya : Sir, when my husband don’t consider me as wife what can I do ?

Advocate : Sowmya within a week we can’t file a case for divorce. It will take an year.

Tej : Sowmya we stand with you, but beta think about me and Jhanvi.

Jhanvi ; We can’t live without you Beta.

Sowmya hugged Tejvi and weeped in tears.

Advocate : I haven’t seen father in law and mother in law supporting daughter in law like these in any case history.

Tej : Because she is not our bahu, she is our daughter. Beti hein woh hamari, Beti.

Rudra arrives there and sees them.

Sowmya : Rudra , tum yahan ? Glad that you have came , let’s finalise things. With a mutual consent the proceedings of divorce will be easy. But please don’t tell anything to my Dad. If he asks I will make any excuse.

Rudra : Sowmya , You really want to go ?

Sowmya : Mein yahan rukkar kya karungi Rudra ?

Rudra : I am sorry , Sowmya.

Sowmya : Rudra !!!

Rudra :Before leaving, just have a look on this one.

Rudra handovers letter to Sowmya .

Tej : What’s this ?

Jhanvi : I am sure it might not be a love letter , but if I came to know something you have written bad for Sowmya then,Rudra I will forget that you are my son.  I will give you a tight slap.

Sowmya’s eyes went teary at the same time she smiled also.

Sowmya looked Rudy’s face.

Tej : What’s that Sowmya ?

Sowmya : Rudra got promotion, Dad. He is been promoted as Marketing Manager.

Jhanvi : What ?

Tejvi reads the letter and gets happier.

Rudra : Sowmya you are the first member of my family with whom I am sharing this happy news.

Sowmya : What ? You said me as your family member ?

Rudra nods his head and bend at his knees. He fold his hands before Sowmya .

Rudra : Sowmya I am sorry for being rude to you. I realize everything very much late. Your love to me is always pure and even after I hurt you lot, you didn’t left me  . Despite of all those wrong words from me, you truely helped me and today when my dream got true I understood that God has send you to my life for showing me the right way. I was a stupid to judge you, Not you infact none of the men has rights to judge a woman for her looks. The real beauty is inside heart and I failed to see it early , I was mad to separate myself from you just based on external features only. Before you I was mad for Romi but she betrayed me , not just me she betrayed so many guys and I find that was definitely not love, that was just poison only. What we sees externally doesn’t determines the real nature it’s behind it and I have witnessed your heart’s pain. You said many a times that I was hurting you,but I never bothered about that. Sowmya today when I gave the presentation my boss told me that it was really perfect one . First time there was a perfect presentaton from me and it’s because of you only Sowmya. I thought I got an imperfect partner and I burst out anger at my family too but I find that without you my life can never be perfect one. Sowmya , I am really very sorry for calling you like that , I know how much it was painful for you. Sowmya I don’t deserve your forgiveness but please don’t leave me , please forgive me Sowmya.Please ….

Sowmya : Rudra, Your expectations are beyond of my simple dreams of having a loving husband and a caring family. You don’t need to feel guilty , I am happy that finally you got the promotion which you deserves best. See one day you will reach more heights. You will get better posts.

Rudra : It will happen only if you stay as my wife Sowmya.

Sowmya : Rudra !!

Rudra : Sowmya , I doesn’t realize the value of life wife in my life. Today when my boss told me that only wife can love like a mother whose love is selfless I realized that what I was doing till was absolutely wrong . I need your care as a Mom’s care, I need you as a lovely friend with my each step and I really need your life as a wife because I Love You, Sowmya. I really love you. Will you be with me always ?Will you be with me as my better half life long ?

Sowmya : Rudra , the moment when you said from heart about my pain I find that you have started watching me from heart ,not from brain. That’s what I was missing Rudra. I was thinking about ending it in a hurry but as your parents said I should not take decision in hurry.You said it much late and I took decision  much earlier.

Rudra : Sowmya !!

Sowmya : But in between we both didn’t speak from heart , but now you did it Rudra and it’s paining much. Painful thing is I am not able to leave you, Rudra the moment itself when your dad arrived and said about you at my home I felt much happiness. Because I thought if your dad and family is these much lovely and caring then that family’s son will be very much lovely.That time I haven’t seen you , but through your dad’s words itself I started loving you that moment onwards. And I will love you forever Rudra , it was my love only which kept me at your home despite of all those inuslts. But when I felt you will never love me I decided to leave you with a painful heart. But Rudra you came for me and opened your heart now. How can I go from you Rudra ? How can I leave my family as you said I am a member of your lovely family ? I too love you Rudra from the bottom of my heart. I really love you.

Rudra : Sowmya !!

They both hug each other emotionally

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Rudra : My heart is full of you Sowmya, Love is pure.


Rudra shows a heart symbol of love to Sowmya

Rudra and Soumya | Popular shows, Actors, Dil bole oberoi

Sowmya smiled : Yeah Rudra. Our love saga has begun now.

They share a romantic eyelock.

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage teri ungaliyon se jaa uljhe

Koi toh toh naa laage kis tarah gire haaye suljhe

Eee rom -rom ek taara [2]

Joh baadalon mein se guzre 

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage 

Teri ungaliyon se jaa uljhe      plays…..

Tej ; I am happy that finally my son realized what he was losing.

Rudra : Dad, dadi was right. We will never understand the value when love is with us. When we will lose it we will feel regret.

Jhanvi : But glad that you got it back. I am so happy for my children.

Tejvi hugged Rumya

Advocate ; See that’s what I was saying Sowmya . Now it’s a mutual consent

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Rudra : What ?

Advocate : Not for divorce, but for a new beginning only. A dawn of love beyond of all shapes and size.

Rumya hold each other and smiled . Tejvi captures their beautiful pic at phone

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