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RadhaKrishn 10th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev gets angry seeing Srinivas’ growing proximity towards Padmavathi. Bala asks him to calm down. Vasudev asks how can he seeing Srinivas with Bhargavi first and then Padmavathi, he wants to send Srinivas out of Venkatgiri first and then get Padmavathi married to someone first. Bala says for that he need to get Bhrigu on his side and marry Bhargavi first.

Bhargavi applies perfume/attar recalling Srinivas liking its smell. Khyati notices Chanda notices Vasudev’s given gift for Bhargavi and questions her, but she lost in thoughts doesn’t reply anything. On the other side, Padmavathi requests Srinivas to start today’s dance session. He agrees and teaches her dance. She slips. He holds her. She smells perfume from him and asks why has he applied ladies’ perfume. He says he teaches dance to even Bhargavi and its her perfume. Padmavathi gets angry and leaves without completing today’s session.

Bhargavi continues lost in Srinivas’ thoughts. Khyati asks where is she lost since the morning. Bhargavi describes how Srinivas is teaching her dance with passion and his ideology. Khyati says Srinivas is a kind man and they find such men with great difficulty. Srinivas thinks soon he will get his Maha Lakshmi Bhargavi. Bhargavi thinks she needs to gift something to Srinivas as a guru dakshina and thinks what shall she buy.

Vasudev thinks if Bhargavi liked his given gift or not. Bala suggests him to find out if Bhargavi like the gift. Vasudev determines to marry Bhargavi meets rishi Bhrigu, praises him, and asks him to find out if Bhargavi liked his given gift. Srinivas confronts Govindraj for trying to reveal his secret to Padmavathi and requests him to keep the secret to himself. Srinivas then visits a market and buys a flower design bangle for Bhargavi recalling Lakshmi wearing similar one. Bhargavi busy a chain and pendant for Srinivas.

Precap: Srinivas gifts a flower bangle for Bhargavi and Bhargavi gifts a chain and pendant for him. Srinivas thinks soon Bhargavi will realize that she is his Lakshmi. Bhargavi then meets Padmavathi.

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