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We are together Part 3


Maheshwaris invited their close ones for a puja.
Jagat,Prafulla and Preeti arrived.
Prafulla:Today I am not late.Since it’s a puja i did’nt dress up properly.

Jagat whispered:Prafulla…don’t make a fool of yourself.Anyone who sees your face can understand the amount of make up you put.

Pandit giggled and said to himself:If this is not heavy make up what will be her heavy make up?

Preeti heard it as she was standing near him.
Preeti:Stop teasing my mom Pandit.

Pandit said while struggling hard to control his laughter:Oh..sorry.

Preeti ignored him.

The Agarwals arrived.

Sameer’s face blossomed seeing Naina.Naina blushed seeing Sameer looking at her.
Manoj’s face blossomed seeing Swati.Swati was very happy to see him.
Pragya:So nice that you all came.
Anjali:Swati also at the puja?I thought Swati won’t be interested in puja as she is brought up abroad.
Naina:Swati knows all this better than me.

Swati smiled.

Swati:I was brought abroad.But I am traditional at mind.

Anjali smiled.


Sameer got irritated:Naina saw me.She enjoys my presence.But she is pretending as if she has’nt even seen me.
While lighting lamps Naina saw Sameer.
She thought:It seems that Sameer is really cut up with me for not going near him.But how can I do that when all are around us?

Swati also lit lamps.
Pragya:Swati is an expert.
Anjali:Though Swati was not brought up in India she knows our customs and traditions so well.Right Manoj?
Manoj smiled:You are right Anjali.Swati is a girl who knows our culture very well.
They did aarti.


Abhi and Pragya did aarti  together.

Manoj sang the bhajan.

Everyone smiled  listening to Manoj’s bhajan while folding their hands and praying.


Sameer stood near Naina:Naina…come near the staircase.
NAINA:Sameer…you pray instead of talking to me.
Sameer:I am praying that you will meet me after the puja.
Naina felt like giggling,but controlled herself.

After the puja…


Naina went near the stairs where Sameer was waiting.He held her closer.
He cupped her face in his palms and looked at her romantically.She got lost in him.

Coming back to senses Naina pushed him.
NAINA:What is this Sameer?Are you not ashamed?
Sameer:Why should I be?I am with the girl I love.
She blushed.
Sameer:These days I am not getting you near me.
NAINA:What to do Sameer?We both are so busy.
Sameer:That’s we both should utilize the time we get.
She blushed.

Sameer:We will go for a car drive.

Naina nodded.He smiled.

Swati to Manoj:Munna…you used to sing during our childhood days also.But only when you sang during the birthday party I realized what a gifted singer you are.Now you sang the bhajan so beautifully.
Manoj smiled:Nothing like that Swati.I am not a great singer.I just sang for my dearest ones.
SWATI:Is it?Then you should sing for me also.

Manoj got confused:What?
SWATI:Ask yourself.You will get what I meant.

Swati walked off giving him a smile.

Pragya took the vermilion tin before the God’s Idol and gave it to Abhi.

Pragya:My life became blissful because of the vermilion you put on my forehead.Please fill my forehead again with the vermilion.

Abhi smiled.He took a pinch of vermilion and pasted it on her forehead.Then he joined his forehead with hers.

Her vermilion got pasted on his forehead.

Abhi: My tragic life also became blissful only because of the vermilion you are wearing.I also need it’s share to be happy always.

They smiled at each other.



Sameer-Naina went for a romantic drive.Sameer stopped the car when they reached near the Agarwal gate.He took the red rose fixed in the car and caressed her face romantically.While caressing her face with the red rose,he also touched his lips indirectly asking her for a kiss.

Naina became shy.She pecked his cheek.He smiled at her.

Naina took the red rose from him and got out of the car.She winked at him and went inside.He smiled.




Agarwal Mansion…

In the garden…

Swati was smelling and kissing a red rose while dreaming of Manoj.

Naina smiled seeing that.

Naina:Are you day dreaming?Or are dreaming of your lover?

Swati blushed.

Naina:Say…do you have any lover in UAE?

Swati :I love someone.But he stays here.

Naina was surprised:Here?Who is he?

SWATI:I love Munna and I want to marry him.
Naina was shocked.

Naina:Swati…did you think properly before saying this?
SWATI:Why should I think again and again if I love Munna or not when I am in love with him since childhood?
Naina was stunned:What?
SWATI:Yes Naina.During childhood I used to like Manoj a lot without knowing that it’s love.When we left for UAE I was sad as I knew that I won’t be seeing Munna at all.During teenage I thought what I have for Manoj was crush.But when I got mature I realized that I am really in love with Manoj.Naina,I used to ask you to send me Maheshwari family pictures to see Munna only.The pictures you sent me are close to my heart and that’s why I did’nt take time to recognize Munna when I saw him at the birthday party.Even Munna does’nt know how I recognized him without making any effort.And the reason why I left UAE to work here is because I want to be close to Munna.
Naina was stunned.
Slowly she smiled:You really love Munna.I never knew that.

I am so happy Swati.
Naina hugged her.Swati smiled.



Naina rang up Sameer.

Sameer:Naina…Why are you so excited?

NAINA:You will be double excited if you hear what I say.

Sameer:Really?Can’t wait to hear it.

What’s the matter Naina?

NAINA:I told you that a girl who really loves Munna will enter his life.Finally she has arrived.

Sameer could’nt believe it:Who?

NAINA:You will be shocked if you hear her name.Swati!

They were really surprised:Swati?


Naina told him about Swati telling her about her love for Manoj.

Sameer:I am so happy Naina.

Naina:Me too.Swati wants to confess her love to Munna.

Sameer:Pandit and I will bring Munna bhaiyya to a place where you should bring Swati.Let them open their heart and talk.

Naina:Good idea.

Sagar and Anjali were playing with their dog Tomy.

Anjali:Tomy has really become our family member.Right Sagar?

Sagar smiled:Yes,he is our son.

Anjali also smiled:Yes yes.


Sagar:Don’t you think that Tomy needs a company?


Sagar:Yes.Tomy says that he wants a brother or sister from us.

Anjali blushed.

Anjali:Sagar…you are so naughty.

She started throwing pillows at Sagar.

He laughed:Hey Anji…

He started running.She ran after him and caught him.They both embraced each other laughing.

Pandit and Sameer took Manoj to a place.

Manoj:Why did you both bring me here?

Naina brought Swati there.Manoj was surprised:Swati?

PANDIT:Now you guys talk.We are leaving.

Manoj:But why are you all leaving?

Sameer:For privacy.

They moved away leaving Manoj and Swati alone.

Manoj:Swati!I don’t understand what’s happening.

SWATI:Munna,I want to talk to you.Did you understand what I said that day?

Manoj became dull:To be frank no Swati.

SWATI:No problem.I will say what I meant.I meant…I love you.Will you marry me Munna?

Manoj was shocked.

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