Breaking Down Style-Bhai Ranveer Singh’s “Man Caftan” And Other Looks

Ranveer Singh’s promotional diaries. (courtesy: ranveersingh)


Ranveer Singh‘s style while promoting new film Jayeshbhai Jordaar has been trademark zany – in fact, perhaps a little more than usual. That was the plan, he revealed in an in-depth interview with NDTV. Asked what brief he gave his stylist, Ranveer said, “Okay, well, in this promotional campaign, she asked, ‘so what is it that you’d like to wear? Would you like there to be some likeness to the film?’ And I said, yeah, it’s a very colorful film. It’s a very vibrant film. It’s a very happy film. So yeah, you could do you could do more of that. Less monochromes and more vibrant palette. So yeah, this is as good as it gets.”

His OOTD for the interview was peak Ranveer Singh – a co-ord set by Kanika Goyal he wore unbuttoned with a rope of pearls and sunglasses from his favourite label Gucci. “I’m really loving what I’m wearing today. It’s like, so comfortable. It’s like a man caftan,” Ranveer said.

He posted pictures of his look on Instagram, captioned “Majja ni life,” the Gujarati phrase for “no worries.”

Ranveer’s personal style is reflected, albeit a paler version, onscreen in Jayeshbhai Jordaar in which he plays a Gujarati father-of-one, a daughter, taking on patriarchal norms to prevent his unborn second daughter from being aborted.


A still from movie Jayeshbhai Jordaar


A still from movie Jayeshbhai Jordaar

Off-screen, the actor has gone fully OTT with his outfit choices for publicity duty.


It’s the Ranveer Singh we know and love.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar co-stars Shalini Pandey, Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak Shah. Directed by Divyang Thakkar, the YRF production releases this Friday.

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