Karanvir Bohra to open up a clinic for acid attack warriors; says “I want to help them in my own way” – Telly Updates

Karanvir Bohra who was seen in Lock Upp recently hosted an Iftaar party for the acid attack warriors. The actor shared pics from the occasion on his social media. During a recent interview with ETimes TV Karanvir revealed the real reason for this meeting.

Karanvir shared, “The reason why I invited the Acid Attack Warriors over to my house… Firstly, because I had promised to meet them. I met them on the show Lock Upp when they came on Women’s Day. We were so happy and pleasantly surprised. We got to meet real people – true warriors and fighters. They are truly inspirational. They have gone through the worst in life and they are still fighting. They have overcome their fears, battling them out and living their life with their heads held high. That’s great quality and I was truly inspired. They were not sure that I will actually meet them. The first thing I did was to call them over to my place. Coincidentally, it was the 27th day of Ramzan. They wanted to go back and open their Roza but I insisted they open their Roza with me. They blessed me and I just wanted to help them in some way.”

Talking about his plans to help them, Karan said, “They told me that they wish to open a hospital for acid attack warriors. It is very expensive and they have to undergo costly surgeries. That is their biggest fight. I also want to spread this message to people – not be aversive to their looks. They get uncomfortable. Acceptance is the need of the hour. It has to begin from your own home. And my second reason to meet them was that I wanted to be a part of the cause… in however little way I can help. Though a hospital is a very big responsibility, I wish to open a clinic for them – a nursing home. There should at least be a start. They can recover there. I will work really hard for it. I will bring on board my connections. Inshallah, Om Namah Shivay … the work has started. Teejay and I do a lot of humanitarian work. We want to do this for them.”


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