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Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 11th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu saying we lost this deal because of Diya, everything is over. Diya says no, we got the keys Armaan. Armaan says we got the keys. Madhu asks them to go and get the papers. Armaan says yes, I will call the agent and say that I m coming with the papers. Diya goes. Bhavna asks how is this possible. Diya gives the papers to Armaan. She says I wish this happens on time, if anyone knows that I have lied, I didn’t get the keys and its fake papers, then it will be wrong. Bhavna goes and checks the keys. She says it means Diya has lied, but why. Diya says so that I can catch you with the lie. She takes the keys from Bhavna.

Bhavna asks what. Diya says you are cheating your own family, why. She scolds Bhavna. She says I knew it, you will run to get the keys, I can go and tell the truth to Armaan, I don’t want the relations to break because of your cheap acts, try to change yourself, we don’t like each other but we can tolerate each other. She rushes to Madhu. Madhu says its fake papers, is Diya educated or not. Diya says sorry, here are the real papers. Madhu asks Diya to do the work right. She asks Armaan to go fast. Armaan leaves. Diya smiles.

Pavan comes home. Bhavna asks Ramkali to get tea. Pavan asks her to make tea for him, don’t add sugar. Diya gets the tea. She says we will treat you just like Sudha does. He likes the tea. Diya asks Bhavna to have tea. Bhavna says I like tea with more milk. Diya says I gave leave to Ramkali, she had to go and pay school fees for her children. Bhavna asks her not to pamper the servants. Diya takes a stand for Ramkali. Pavan says I wish everyone has a thinking like you. He taunts Bhavna.

Diya says I manage it some how with planning. He says I will leave now, I have much work, Bhavna come home yourself. He leaves. Bhavna says I will see how you do the work now. Diya cooks the food and makes tea also. She gets a call from her senior. She says I have taken work from home for some days. He asks her to handle the big event happening next week. She says I have made all the plans. He says I want all the details today by mail, else we can have a big loss and then people can lose jobs, remember, work from home doesn’t mean leave. She says don’t worry, I will just finish it. She sees the poha burnt. She gets upset. Armaan comes. He asks what happened. She cries and says loss, poha, tea and calls, I was trying to manage it together, poha got burnt. He says its loss of one tear, its worth 10 lakhs, its my loss. She says don’t joke. Bhavna looks on. Diya says I have to send the event plans, the breakfast got burnt. He says everything will be done. She says hotel will bear a big loss and then my job will be affected. Bhavna says then your job is gone now, I m here to help you. She hides the laptop charger. She says now Diya can’t work. Armaan says we will share the work. He wears the apron. Mere haath me…. plays… He hugs Diya.

They cook the food together. They smile. He says salad is also ready. Diya says good job. He thanks her. She holds him to kiss. He asks her to see the time, its late, start the office work. She says fine. She goes.

She looks for the laptop charger. She finds it. She plugs the charger. She sits working. Madhu asks for breakfast. Diya goes. Madhu gets knee pain. Armaan asks what happened. Armaan and Krish hold her and make her sit. Diya and Bhavna come. Diya asks are you fine, shall I get water. Madhu asks for breakfast. Bhavna says I will cut fruits for you, Diya has office work, I can stay on air. Diya says no need, breakfast is ready. Bhavna thinks what all will you do. Madhu asks Bhavna to go and help Diya. Bhavna goes. Madhu asks for tea also. Armaan says it will come, Diya is working alone in kitchen, even Ramkali didn’t come. She asks so what, she isn’t the only woman to do job and work in the house, machines are there to assist these days.

Armaan talks to Kajal. She says I still miss you, I love you Armaan. Diya looks on shocked.

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