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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gabbar suggesting Rajesh to give jamalgotta to Happu to relieve his constipation. He then speaks to Happu and insists him to attend the wedding as he promised his friend that his SILs will attend the wedding. Happu says he can’t and disconnects call. Rajesh alleges that he is acting to skip the wedding. Happu says if he had to lie, he would have said he has some serious illness instead of demeaning constipation. Malaika says father is right. Happu feels uneasy and collapses. Malaika calls Dr. Udhas who checks Happu and says he might have serious brain disease. Rajesh asks if he really has those. Dr. Udhas says not yet, he has gas buildup due to severe constipation. Rajesh thanks god that Happu will be cured and can attend her sister’s wedding. Dr. Udhas writes a prescription and says Happu may need a surgery if his constipation doesn’t resolve and may even die. Happu scolds him and shoos him away. Rajesh feels bad for Happu’s situation and asks if he really cannot attend wedding. He angrily looks at her.

Beni also writhes in pain due to severe constipation. Vimlesh alleges that he is just acting to skip wedding. Happu asks Rajesh to get ajwain water for him. She says she will not as she feels he is acting. He scolds her for not trusting her husband. Vimlesh continues to provoke Beni saying he doesn’t like her father, so he is trying to avoid wedding. Beni angrily vents out his frustration and then cries. Happu also says same to Rajesh and says he will attend wedding. She says not in this condition and asks him to lie in prone position so that he builds up pressure and relieves himself. Vimlesh finally agrees that Beni is really in pain.

Amma with Rajesh and Vimlesh returns home from temple and says she prayed for Happu and Beni. Dadaji prays that they don’t get well and skip wedding. Rajesh and Vimlesh feel sad. Amma says she promised Gabbar to the attend wedding with whole family. Dadaji gets angry on her. Kids say they will pray god to cure papa soon. Dadaji says he will go on waterless fast till god hears his prayers. Happu walks to Amma feeling severe pain. Beni joins them next and says he feels as if his stomach will burst. Rajesh suggests him to have hot water whole day to relieve his conspitation. Drama continues. Happu decides to cancel attending the wedding. Beni says they may need surgery. Children cry hearing about trip cancelation.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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