Lock Upp winner Munawar Faruqui opens up about his girlfriend Nazil – Telly Updates

Lock Upp winner Munawar Faruqui who refrained from talking about his girlfriend inside the reality show is now painting the town red with his lady love. Munawar was recently seen with Nazil at the success party of Lock Upp.

Now during a recent interview with ETimes TV, Munawar opened up about his partner. He also talked about the reason why he refrained from revealing her identity during Lock Upp.

Munawar said, “I’ve known Nazil for a year now and we have been dating for a few months. The situation inside the house was not right to talk about Nazil. As I was inside the show and she was outside and I was not there with her at that moment in the outside world so I refrained from revealing her identity. In our life, there are different aspects of us about which we are protective. I don’t think it is wrong to be protective about our loved ones and the moment I came out I posted her picture.”

Munawar also shared that he has become more expressive after the show, “I have experienced different things inside the show, it was not just about going inside and winning it. Lock Upp was a learning experience for me and because of the show I’ve become more vocal, joh nahi Kehta tha Woh bhi ab kehne laga hoon”, he said.

When asked if Nazil got possessive watching him with other female qaidis, Munawar laughed and replied, “It’s human nature to get possessive about your partner. Also, it depends as a couple how much understanding you have. I am very glad and very happy that the type of person I am with she’s very smart, intelligent, and mature. At the same time, she’s very understanding and that’s the reason we are together. Agar hum ek saath hain toh kuch Na kuch Khoobiyaan hongi…”

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