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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 13th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chimaji enters the palace and screams that Kashi is a disloyal person. Kashi hears him and tells Baji that he fought my soldiers and came back, he has become a warrior. Baji says but he is insulting you in front of everyone and he might want to punish you. Kashi says don’t think about all that.

Chimaji enters the courtroom and tells Baji that this woman tried to kill me, I fought her goons and came back. Ragma asks what is all this? Kashi says yes, it was my plan but not to kill him but to make him a warrior. Radha says he could have died. Kashi says I was careful, I had sent the strongest soldiers against him but he fought them all and won. Kashi tells Chimaji that I know I have hurt you but I feel like you are my son so I wanted to increase your confidence. Chimaji says I don’t trust your words now. Baji says Kashi had told me about her plan beforehand. Radha says you should have protected your brother. Kashi says you had made him weak by protecting him all the time, I had to challenge him so I hope now he has a confidence of a warrior. Radha says you have done a crime and you should be punished. Chimaji says you have done a crime and you are not just my sister-in-law anymore. He touches her feet and says you are my mother from now on, you have made me warrior and I insulted you? I am sorry. Kashi says forget everything, you have made me proud. Chimaji says I will go on the war and win. Ragma says what if anything happens to you? Chimaji says I can’t live like a coward anymore, I have to support my brother. Radhda says what are you saying? Ragma says he is right, he needs to become a warrior and prove himself. Baji says I will send my strongest soldiers with him. Chimaji asks Kashi to bless him, she does. Baji tells Kashi that we have found a good warrior because of you.

Scene 2
Kashi is trying to go to her room but Ganga stops her and says Baji is doing something special for you. Kashi tries to enter the room but Baji stops her. Ganga leaves. Kashi enters the room and can’t find anything. She says what? She enters her bedroom and finds a lot of jewelry there. Baji says you have done a lot for my brother so this is my gift. Kashi finds a saree and smiles. Baji hugs her and says you have helped Chimaji and all are happy now. Kashi says you have supported me. Baji says I have seen my soldiers bringing gifts for their wives but I never did. He shows her the jewelry and a saree. Kashi says you have surprised me again, don’t surprise me anymore. I am not habituated to this much love. Baji says there is another thing I want to tell you. He says you have always waited for me, I can’t bring back time but I will give you my 9 days. These coming days will be completely yours, I will be yours. Kashi is surprised and says I can’t handle all this happiness. I had many dreams. Baji says what kind? Kashi says I want to live like a common couple for a day, without any troubles. It would be just you and me. Baji says you are responsible of things but tomorrow will be a common day for us. He pulls her closer and Kashi hugs him. Sooriya knocks on the door and Baji leaves.

An attacker attacks Baji’s soldiers at a checkpoint. Sooriya tells about the attack to Baji. He says I can’t go as I have promised Kashi, you go there. Sooriya says I think you should come with us. Baji looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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